Welcome, Bruce and Debbie!

Delicious Hungarian crêpes for lunch in Budapest
Gary, Bruce and Debbie with view from Castle Hill

Thank you for praying for Bruce and Debbie as they traveled to join us on the Eastern Hungary Team. We are so happy to have them with us!

The Cobbs arrived safely late Sunday night with all of their luggage intact, and after experiencing a little of Budapest on Monday, returned with us to Debrecen. Orientation has begun, and today they will start looking at apartments.  Pray that the Lord will make it clear where they should live, and that soon they’ll be able to unpack their things and get settled in.

Pray that Bruce and Debbie’s transition to life here will go smoothly as they get to know the area and get a handle on the culture and language; pray that the Lord will give them “divine appointments” with people who will be key in their ministry here, who will open their hearts to the Good News and in turn pass it on to others.

This Thursday’s coffeehouse will be a chance for the Cobbs to meet many of the young people our team has been ministering to, so pray for great new relationships to begin.  And since the coffeehouse theme is an Easter party, lift up the conversations that will naturally arise as we talk about the true meaning of this special time.