Urgent prayer needs

Many of our friends here are going through really rough times right now, and we would appreciate prayer.  We know that God is able to walk with them through the trials and to somehow, miraculously, use the bad stuff for good…it’s just hard to see that sometimes when we’re in the midst of it all.

  • “T” and his family are dealing with a very serious legal issue.  T is a new believer but his family do not know the Lord.  Ask for help in the situation, but also that God will use this to draw them to Himself, uniting them in love as a family.  Ask that T will come through the current discouragement stronger than ever.
  • “J” has recently gone blind in one eye from glaucoma and the other eye is also getting rapidly worse; the doctor gives her no hope for healing.  Pray for her sight, for encouragement, and that this will strengthen rather than damaging her new-found faith. She is also desperate to retire from the bar where she works, but has no other means of supporting herself. Many are watching her reactions during these trials, as she has been very vocal in sharing about the Lord and His faithfulness.
  • “M” and her teenage daughter “D” are walking a dark road, as “D” was recently diagnosed and hospitalized with manic depression.  Pray that she will get the help that she needs, and that through this terrible time they will both come to faith in Christ.
  • Pray for us, also, that we will have wisdom in dealing with these and many other difficult circumstances that we are faced with each day.  Ask that we will remember to live in the joy of the Lord without being overcome with the darkness and despair that so often surround us.  Thank you!