Update from the Browns

Dear Friends and Family,

Hi! Greetings from Hungary!

We are following up on the prayer request from our last newsletter for the children’s program “Full Circle,” hosted by the √Črdliget church as a way of loving, blessing and connecting with families in the community. A few years ago, the congregation adopted a local elementary school to assist and serve. And it would be with this school that this children’s program was developed and implemented after learning that a Christian musician was available to do a children’s concert on Saturday, March 28.

We asked you to pray for this program that the church would connect and interact with the children (grades 1-5), their teachers and parents. And that happened. We greeted a lot of parents on Saturday, spoke with some, and had opportunities to visit with some of the children and the teachers. Teachers and the school administration was very pleased with how well organized the event was and how many children and parents came for it. This program also gave us an opportunity to also promote this summer’s two weeks of camp for grades 1-5: June 22-26 and June 29-July 3.

It is through events like these that we get to meet and connect with Hungarians, develop relationships, exchange life stories and explain the hope we possess in Christ and the power of the gospel to save, redeem and reconcile us to God. 

Below are some pictures of the event.

Again, thank you for praying!
Ron & Robin