TLTI: Practical training for ministry

TLTI training around the dining room table

As happens everywhere, pastors here are often stretched far beyond their limits in serving the people.  Some work other jobs to support their families, and we have pastor-friends who are responsible for four or five churches in an area, requiring them to travel more than an hour between the towns.

We’re excited to partner with Timothy Leadership Training Institute (TLTI) to help provide practical training for church leaders; the workshops teach them how to train their people to join in the ministry of caring for one another.  One of these seminars is being held right now in Debrecen.

Unfortunately, several of those planning to come were unable to attend after all, but great discussion is going on now as I type this post. Since the group was so small, it was relocated from a local church to our dining room…conveniently close to the coffee maker.  🙂

Pray that God will give wisdom as new action plans are being drawn up and acted upon, and that the training will be passed on to others.  Pray that in the future more pastors and church workers will come and participate, and that the Lord will bless them as they implement what they’ve learned in their churches.

Special request: please lift up TLTI trainer George DeVuyst (at left in photo) and his family, as they live in Ukraine and are being affected by events there.