IMB Budapest Team

IMB Budapest Team: (Left to right) the Shaw family, the Millers, the Baker family

 From left to right: the Shaw family, the Millers, the Baker family.

The capital city region contains a population of over 2 million people. Our research indicates that fewer than 2% of the people in this key region are born-again believers. Find out how you, too, can be involved in impacting a variety of lives – ranging from the homeless in District VIII to the city’s elite in District XI.

The Budapest Team appreciates your interest in the people of Budapest and how God is working here, and we would love for you to both pray for us and consider other ways you can get involved.

To learn about Trey and Denise Shaw’s ministry and the Agóra church network, visit the Agóra website or contact Trey through our Contacts page.

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