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Conversations that matter

The first full week in March we were blessed to have David Knight with us in Debrecen serving as a volunteer through Bob Hartman International Ministries. David’s had many years of experience pastoring and working with young people, and is currently a PhD student in apologetics. Some things that we’d thought he might do during his time here didn’t come together, but as the days went by we could see that there was a better plan than ours! It’s always exciting to see how the Lord puts things together in ways that we never could on our own.

Debrecen University main building

Debrecen University main building

With David’s background and current studies, it was a very natural thing for him to spend time on the Debrecen University campus meeting students from around the world and dialoguing with them about their belief systems and views on life and God. He found the students very open to talking, and across the week some of them came back for more discussion…bringing friends with them! We’re so thankful for the contacts that were made and the conversations that took place.

We had a wonderful time on Saturday afternoon visiting the English Fellowship, an interdenominational group that meets monthly on campus. David preached, then most of the group stayed to eat and chat. What a blessing to worship and spend time with brothers and sisters from around the world!  (Visit the English Fellowship’s Facebook page.)


  • Pray for the young people who took part in important conversations during the week, that God would continue to work in their lives. Ask that the Lord will bring more believers across their paths and open up further opportunities for dialogue.
  • Lift up the English fellowship group, as they will soon be losing access to the facility where they’ve been meeting. Pray that God will guide in what comes next for the ministry, and that He will use this transition to expand the work among the substantial number of English speakers in the community. Ask God to guide and bless as English-language ministries are used to reach further into the lost community.

Volunteer urgently needed

There is an urgent need for a native English speaker to teach beginner-level English students grades K-4 at a Christian school in Debrecen, Hungary. The teacher need not have a teaching certificate, but should be able to teach the alphabet, basic words, songs, etc. The regular teacher is dealing with a serious medical situation and is expected to be out at least three months. For more information please contact us. This is the school’s website; it’s in Hungarian, but you can see photos.

Even if you can’t help by teaching, please forward to anyone who might be able to help, and please pray for the teacher and her family during this time of difficulty.  Thank you!

Outreach and training in western Ukraine

Please pray for Gary this week as he serves in western Ukraine. Today he is doing a one-day Grain Game Bible camp for youth, demonstrating how it is done so that the local believers can learn to use these creative methods for reaching kids in the 10-15 age range. For the next week he will be working together with a volunteer from the US doing street evangelism and training believers in how to share their faith.

Pray that God will be glorified in all that is done, and that the outreach and training will bear fruit for the Kingdom.

Gardening for the Gospel

Please be in prayer for New Mexico volunteer Dr. Curtis Smith as he ministers here in Hungary this week, using his background as Agricultural Science professor, county extension  worker, gardening columnist and TV series host.  Tonight he will be  doing a presentation to area church leaders on how to use a Master Gardener program in outreach for Gospel connections.

While in the Debrecen area he will be doing several presentations to various groups, doing site visits in Roma villages, and spending time with interested individuals. 

Pray that God will provide open doors for many spiritual conversations; also that believers will catch the vision of how to use agriculture and gardening not only for feeding the physically hungry, but also for providing spiritual food to those who need to know the Lord.
Curtis and Gary preparing for tonight’s presentation

Native English speakers needed!

Are you a native English speaker?  God can use you on mission in Hungary!

Carolyn with adult beginner English class from several years ago
On the first day of English camp the Hungarian pastor warned us that one of our students was known in the town as a strong atheist…and at first she did seem closed.  Even her face had a hardness about it.  But throughout the week, as the love of Christ was shown and Christian testimonies shared, a visible change took place.  By the end of the camp she was leaning forward in her chair, tears in her eyes. No, she didn’t come to faith that week, but soon she began attending the church’s seekers’ class.  The following summer at camp registration my jaw almost dropped at the change in her — she hurried to greet me, her countenance softer and a new twinkle in her eye.  The Gospel was working in her life in a powerful, transforming way….
All across Hungary similar stories have taken place as English as a Second Language  (ESL) is used to open doors for sharing the Gospel.  There is a huge need for this kind of outreach–Hungarians of all ages are constantly asking for English language help from native speakers.   
Who is qualified to come minister using ESL?  If you are a strong believer and speak English (which I assume you do if you are reading this!) then you could come provide conversation practice or teach at a camp, coffeehouse, school or in many other venues.  Formal ESL training is helpful but not required.  We are also looking for certified teachers who could come to teach a semester or year in the public schools.  Pray with us that God will raise up many volunteers to come help with this exciting ministry!
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