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Answered prayer in Balmazújváros

Sunday morning we had the great joy of visiting a church plant in the town of Balmazújváros.  This is a town that we have had on our hearts for many years; we have done projects there, had concerts, spent time prayerwalking and talking with the people.  At one point we thought we were about to see a church plant begin, but then a key family that we were working with in the town moved out of the country. 

So praise the Lord, it was awesome to see that God is working in new ways there, and a small group is regularly meeting.   Pastor Csaba Karancsi of the Újfehértó Baptist church is the supervising pastor, and a national believer is leading the Bible study each week. As we saw Sunday, the group is quite serious about studying the Word and in desiring to reach out to their community.

Pray for this group, that they will continue to grow and give God glory as they live as salt and light in their town.  Also pray for us and Pastor Csaba as we meet this week to discuss how we may partner together for further outreach in this town.

Join us in praying, using the Balmazújváros virtual prayerwalk that we made several years ago.  Now I want to make a revised version showing what God has been doing since that time!

Month of prayer – Day 13, leaders of counties and towns

We praise the Lord for those joining us in intercession for Hungary–eastern Hungary in particular–during this month of prayer.  The Lord is moving and stirring up things, changing hearts and drawing many people to Himself!  

As I read my email this morning I was encouraged by a newsletter from our friend Chip Riley of partnering organization The Grain Game.  He has a heart for the world and a special love for Hungary, which loves him in return!  In support of the month of prayer, he posted a short video of scenes from a very special little town in eastern Hungary called Karcag [KAHR-tsahg].  It contains scenes which look very much like many communities around our area, so if you haven’t been to Hungary it’s a great way to catch a glimpse of the region.  As you pray for the leaders of counties and towns across eastern Hungary today, add focus to your prayers by viewing Chip’s video on YouTube, or any of the 14 videos we have posted on the  “Hope for Eastern Hungary” Vimeo channel.

And for other Grain Game glimpses of Hungarian towns:  Nádudvar [NAHD-ood-vahr], Nagybaracska [NAHJ-bahr-ahch-kah], Debrecen  [DEH-breh-tsehn], and Tócóskert [TOHTS-ohsh-kehrt] (a district in Debrecen).  (A big “thank you” to Chip and the Grain Game team!)