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A time of refreshment

This past week Gary and I were in Poland for mission meeting.  In addition to providing opportunities for training and discussion with colleagues, for me it was a much-needed time of worship, fellowship, and encouragement. I hadn’t realized how tired and “heavy” I had been feeling, and I am so thankful for what the Lord did in me throughout the week.  Our co-workers and the volunteers who came to minister to us were a huge blessing!  Gary and I also took a vacation day on the way, so we had time to spend just talking with each other and wandering through Katowice, Poland. 20,000 steps on my FitBit that day…SCORE! ????

Please pray for ministers and Christian workers around the world who are feeling exhausted and weighed down in life and service, that times of refreshment and encouragement would come from the Lord.

Carolyn in Jelenia Góra, Poland

Gary in Prešov, Slovakia, on our way back to Hungary

Divine encounters in everyday places

Debrecen train station waiting area

Monday I took a trip to Budapest that I had considered “unplanned.” As it turned out, it had apparently not been unplanned on God’s part!  Throughout the day I had encounter after encounter with ladies who were either needing some help or just looking for a friendly person to chat with.

The most in-depth conversation I had was with a very sweet lady, “I,” who had the seat across from me on the train.  She told me later that she didn’t normally talk with people on public transportation, but in spite of that we immediately struck up a conversation that lasted the several hours it took to reach the capital city.  We talked about music, pets, family, and life–the good times and the bad.  When I brought the Lord into the conversation she didn’t shut me down, but she also didn’t show herself to be a person with a real relationship with God.

Pray for “I” and others like her who surround us in the everyday moments of life.  Ask the Lord to help us see these people with His eyes; ask Him to prompt us to give them a smile and start a conversation, to share the Hope we have in Christ. Pray that “I” and I will be able to deepen our friendship, and that soon she will come to know Jesus as her best friend and Savior of her soul.

Important preparation

We have been meeting as often as possible recently with “A,” a young friend who will be leaving this weekend for a semester of study in a country very far from here–a place where sharing your faith is not allowed. A is a new believer, and we want her to be as grounded as possible in the Word before she goes.  We don’t know if we or other believers will be able to communicate with her, so it is very important that she be able to stand firmly and know how to study the Bible for herself. 

Pray for provision for A’s needs–at the last moment she is discovering fees and charges that she was not told about before–and for safety as she travels.  Ask that she will not become discouraged or led astray, but that she will continue to grow, coming back even more committed in her walk with the Lord.  Also pray for her family, especially for a seriously ill aunt, that God will take care of them while she is gone and that they will soon come to Christ.