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Month of Prayer Day 26: Tiszafüred Church Plant

Sign on the corner of building where Tiszafurd church plant meets

“Baptist Prayer Room” sign with meeting times — this was on the building at the time we were helping lead the group

Today’s prayer request is for the Tiszafüred church plant, a part of the Karcag Baptist church circle in eastern Hungary.  As you pray for this small group, now led entirely by nationals, ask for continued growth both in numbers and in spiritual growth.  Ask the Lord to strengthen them and guide them in how to reach out to their families and community with the love of Christ.

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Namesake restaurant

Last Sunday when we were in Tiszafüred we went back to the Molnár Vendéglő, our favorite restaurant in the town.  Interestingly, the Hungarian word “molnár” means “miller,” so we’ve felt a special affinity for the place from the very beginning.

In past years when we were going every week to serve at the church plant we would always stop there to eat.  Besides enjoying some very fine traditional Hungarian food, we became good friends with the owners and waitresses, and a lot of great conversations and sharing took place.

It was wonderful on Sunday to renew our acquaintance with the Molnár friends!  Please pray for these hard-working people and their families;  ask that Gospel seeds sown over the years will bear fruit in their lives.

Tiszafüred Day of Thanks

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays in the U.S.–coming together to remember the blessings of the year, praising God for who He is and all He’s been doing in our lives.  Hungary doesn’t have this national holiday as we do in America, but in many of the churches a day in the fall is set aside for giving thanks.  The church plant in Tiszafüred invited us to come back and visit for this special celebration on October 30, and we loved the opportunity to join them.  Along with the church plant friends, we also enjoyed getting to spend time with brothers and sisters in Christ from other churches in the Karcag church circle from surrounding towns.

Carolyn with two dear church plant friends, Jutka and Zsuzsa

Gary and Carolyn with Pastor Csaba and his wife Andrea

Church circle friends celebrate with the Tiszafüred church plant (photo by Sándorné Bögös)

Praise the Lord for the Scripture and testimonies that were shared, and for the encouraging fellowship that took place!  Pray with us that the Gospel seeds will take root and produce fruit in the lives of those present who haven’t yet come to Christ, and that those who do know Him will soon follow in baptism.  Ask for God to give strength and wisdom to Sanyi, who comes each week to lead the church plant, and for Csaba, the area pastor.  Gary and I are praying and discussing with them how we may be able to provide encouragement and training to help initiate growth in the group.

Goodbye to Hungary for nine months

Chaos has taken over our home as we pack and say our final goodbyes…tomorrow we leave for Budapest, and early the next morning we start the long journey to the US.  This will be the longest Stateside Assignment we have ever taken, and it feels strange to know we’ll be gone for so long.  Please pray for the people and the ministries that we leave behind.  We have tried to pass on responsibilities to others, but we know that ultimately all of these friends and ministries belong to God and not us – and they are safe in His hands!

Here are some photos from this past month:

Gary helping young “Sandy” find a Bible passage


“Susie” is earnestly seeking. Please keep praying for her and her daughter “Tina”

Some of the church plant group

One of the waitress friends that we will miss very much

Carolyn wanted one more picture with our friends at the restaurant Sunday

Gary and our friend T.B., who keeps saying that one day he will come to Bible study

Passing the baton to Sanyi, who has accepted the challenge of teaching at the church plant
Thank you for your prayers and your support!

Tiszafüred camp update

Thank you for praying for the kids’ Bible camp in Tiszafüred last week.  Fewer came than we had hoped (we are discussing how to reach more next year) but nevertheless a great time was had by all; PTL, gospel seeds were sown in the hearts of children and even a few adults, too!  Grain Game worker Luke Higdon did a wonderful job of teaching bite-sized biblical truths, illustrated by hilariously memorable games and activities…lots of shaving cream, water (which was very welcome in the blazing July heat), bubbles, beach balls, etc, etc.

Here are some photos from the week.  As you share in these fun memories with us, pray for each child and the families they represent, asking the Lord to use the truths taught to transform lives and to impact families and the community for Christ.  Pray that the little church plant will be encouraged and continue to grow, glorifying God and spreading the Good News all across the area.

Table football
Table “football” (soccer) was a favorite games, generating a lot of competition.

The gate game
The “one gate” game involved dousing each other with water — aaah!

Our very helpful translator, Dodi, bonding with a precious new friend

Fun in the sun
Fun in the sun

Beach balls photo
Beach balls – you’ve gotta be filled to be what you were created to be!

Luke and friends
Luke and young friends