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Month of Prayer Day 15: Gardening Outreach Training

Today’s prayer request is for the gardening outreach training group in Debrecen.  Patterned loosely after the US Master Gardener program, it’s being developed to work through local churches rather than state universities.  In addition to training laymen in the art and science of horticulture in order to become community volunteer “master gardeners,” the Hungarian program also includes evangelism and discipleship training.  As “the Master’s Gardeners” volunteer in their communities and among their neighbors, they will be equipped to use gardening and nature topics to “bridge” conversations to the gospel.  Spending time together in nature and gardening lead very easily into discussions about the Creator of it all!

Now in its second year of development, the current group is meeting twice monthly at Debrecen Baptist Church and is taught by Hungarian university teachers, research scientists, and gardening industry specialists; the evangelism component is taught by IMB worker Gary Miller.  The creation of the Hungarian manual for the program is now in progress to keep future classes on-target with high-quality academic articles as well as guidance for keeping the program’s purpose and missional vision in focus.

  • Praise God for the program’s development so far and for all those who have been helping: US advisor Dr. Curtis Smith, the Hungarian teachers and trainees, and the new Hungarian program coordinator, “Miss Judy.”
  • Pray for the continued development and spread of the program to other communities, and for the translation and creation of the program manual.

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Native English speakers needed!

Are you a native English speaker?  God can use you on mission in Hungary!

Carolyn with adult beginner English class from several years ago
On the first day of English camp the Hungarian pastor warned us that one of our students was known in the town as a strong atheist…and at first she did seem closed.  Even her face had a hardness about it.  But throughout the week, as the love of Christ was shown and Christian testimonies shared, a visible change took place.  By the end of the camp she was leaning forward in her chair, tears in her eyes. No, she didn’t come to faith that week, but soon she began attending the church’s seekers’ class.  The following summer at camp registration my jaw almost dropped at the change in her — she hurried to greet me, her countenance softer and a new twinkle in her eye.  The Gospel was working in her life in a powerful, transforming way….
All across Hungary similar stories have taken place as English as a Second Language  (ESL) is used to open doors for sharing the Gospel.  There is a huge need for this kind of outreach–Hungarians of all ages are constantly asking for English language help from native speakers.   
Who is qualified to come minister using ESL?  If you are a strong believer and speak English (which I assume you do if you are reading this!) then you could come provide conversation practice or teach at a camp, coffeehouse, school or in many other venues.  Formal ESL training is helpful but not required.  We are also looking for certified teachers who could come to teach a semester or year in the public schools.  Pray with us that God will raise up many volunteers to come help with this exciting ministry!
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