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Month of Prayer Day 15: Gardening Outreach Training

Today’s prayer request is for the gardening outreach training group in Debrecen.  Patterned loosely after the US Master Gardener program, it’s being developed to work through local churches rather than state universities.  In addition to training laymen in the art and science of horticulture in order to become community volunteer “master gardeners,” the Hungarian program also includes evangelism and discipleship training.  As “the Master’s Gardeners” volunteer in their communities and among their neighbors, they will be equipped to use gardening and nature topics to “bridge” conversations to the gospel.  Spending time together in nature and gardening lead very easily into discussions about the Creator of it all!

Now in its second year of development, the current group is meeting twice monthly at Debrecen Baptist Church and is taught by Hungarian university teachers, research scientists, and gardening industry specialists; the evangelism component is taught by IMB worker Gary Miller.  The creation of the Hungarian manual for the program is now in progress to keep future classes on-target with high-quality academic articles as well as guidance for keeping the program’s purpose and missional vision in focus.

  • Praise God for the program’s development so far and for all those who have been helping: US advisor Dr. Curtis Smith, the Hungarian teachers and trainees, and the new Hungarian program coordinator, “Miss Judy.”
  • Pray for the continued development and spread of the program to other communities, and for the translation and creation of the program manual.

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Hathcocks’ prayer update excerpts

Greetings from Debrecen,

We are thankful for a full week and it is exciting to see how God is working. Last week we attended a lecture at the University where a scientific scholar spoke on bridging the gap between science and the Bible. He did a great job explaining the Gospel and showing how modern science affirms many things in the Bible. The room was full and the students were attentive.

We also had our friend from Israel over along with her boyfriend and another friend. It was so much fun reconnecting with them and seeing more of an openness in their hearts. God is working in their hearts.

Also just yesterday we met a young lady from Holland is such a random way through a friend who we were able to share about God and give her the book of John. We asked her if she had any spiritual beliefs and she said that she did not have any and never was able to read past the beginning chapters of the Bible. Meeting her and talking with her was such a reminder of the divine appointments that God has planned.

We were encouraged by our Hungarian church this morning in their desire to do evangelism and discipleship and how we can help them.

Please continue to pray:

  • Wisdom and patience with the logistics of registration, language lessons, Internet and telephones. God would work out the details of how to accomplish these things.
  • God’s timing as we continue to reconnect with people that we would encourage those we are able to see this week.
  • God would give us favor in the lives of students and the ability to speak Hungarian.
  • Our daughters would have the courage to do the hard things and that they would see how God is helping them.
  • Our friend K who used to be a student and is now working, that he would see his need for God.

Thank you so much for your prayers.

One of God’s servants,