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Hathcocks’ prayer update excerpts

Greeting from Texas,

So thankful for your prayers this week. The first day after moving Arianna into the dorm was really hard for all of us. We experienced grief and joy together as well as anticipation of what is next. I am seeing that family is more like a living organism that continues to change and grow. I am also realizing the importance of living is the present fully and investing in it. We are so thankful for God’s provision in all our lives. Arianna had a busy week and is doing well. God provided a place for her to go to church as well as transportation. She also met another MK the first day. We are all anticipating the first day of school on Monday.

Please pray:

  • Wisdom and strength for me as I begin teaching the girls on Monday. God would direct our steps and the wisdom to work out the bumps along the way.
  • Abigail and Sophia would have teachable hearts and would grow not only intellectually but spiritually.
  • Strength and peace for Arianna as she begins classes and that she would quickly realize that God will help her to do well. She will also be trying to get a job on campus, so pray that God would make a way for her to work.
  • We would not miss the opportunities that God gives us to share the gospel and to walk in His will.
  • Our friends from Hungary who served with us in Debrecen,  Denes and Alyssa and their baby will we moving to a town outside of Debrecen. Pray that they would quickly connect with the people in their new community and God would use them to share the good news, disciple others and revive the church.
  • Many of the students that we have worked with in Debrecen come from families where they are the only believers. Pray that these students would be a light, and that the eyes of the unbelieving family members would be opened to the truth.

One of His servants,