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May Month of Prayer for Eastern Hungary

“Kalocsai flowers 3” by MexCraziness,  

Wow, what happened to this last year? Incredible as it seems, May is already peaking around the corner at us…which means it’s time to get ready for our 16th annual 31 Days of Prayer for Eastern Hungary!

Please join in by downloading your very own copy of the May prayer calendar and praying each day for people, places & ministries in eastern Hungary.  Every person and place on the calendar is very dear to us—a part of our life—and we would love to have you pray for them and maybe sometime come visit and get to know them yourself.  (We love volunteer mission teams!)   Feel free to copy the calendar to share with your church, Sunday school class, or prayer group…some churches use it as a bulletin insert, which we really appreciate.

Download the calendar as a PDF in color or black and white

Thank you very much for praying with us — prayer is foundational to the missionary task, as well as an awesome way to join in to what God is doing around the world!

Salt and Light – February 18

Greetings from Debrecen,

God is wise and sees the big picture! So thankful for your prayers for last weekend. The women’s retreat was such an encouragement to the women who came. It was so neat to see my friend who was recently baptized connect more with the ladies from her church, and another person we had been praying for, “N,” who had returned to the Lord after a difficult time, also reconnected with God and other believers. So thankful that God is relentless in seeking those who have gone astray. God gave “R,” the MK that we prayed for, courage to share her story with the school, and the nuns were thankful. Darrel was able to meet with “K” and plant some more seeds. We are hearing some good things about a huge youth conference that occurred last weekend as well. God is moving among students.

Please continue to pray:

  • Students would act upon the decisions that were made last weekend. They would have courage to be obedient.
  • February 22 is Collegiate Day of Prayer! Please pray for the campuses that the Lord places on your heart. and are good resources for praying for college students.
  • The Roma group that Darrel meets with on Tuesday evenings. The kids still remain attentive and those who made decisions now want Bibles. Pray that they would not be discouraged from seeking the Lord.
  • Our friends and co-laborers Dénes and Alyssa are getting ready to have their baby any day. Pray for a safe delivery and good health for mom and baby.
  • Arianna would have courage and wisdom as she shares with some students of another world religion that she has favor with at a nearby campus. The students would have an openness to learning and hearing about Jesus and salvation.
  • Wisdom for Darrel and I and that we would keep our focus on the Lord.
  • The two young ladies that I mentioned in the beginning, that they would not let the enemy distract them, but that they would have a deep hunger for the Lord and have the courage to walk in obedience no matter what.

Thank you!

One of His servants,

Kimberly Hathcock

Salt and Light – September 10

Greetings from Debrecen,

God is good and we trust Him. It has been exciting to see the students return to Debrecen. It is like the city comes back to life. As I see them on the tram and walking around they are such a diverse group, many from different countries. Praying for these students to encounter God this year in a new and fresh way.

Some of you prayed for a student, “B,” and she did get a job! It will be a good fit for her and will allow her to make some money for school. Darrel had a couple of opportunities to speak with some people at a hamburger joint. We are thankful for His work in the lives of people around us.

Please continue to pray:

  • “B” as she prepares to move and starts a new job that she would find other Christians that she can connect with.
  • God would open the eyes and hearts of students in Debrecen that they would know and worship the one true God.
  • Darrel will be traveling with some friends this week, pray that God would encourage and refresh His heart.
  • We would be faithful to invest in those whom God sends to us.
  • Here is a link to the European prayer guide that you are welcome to use as you pray.

Keep praying! Thank you!

One of God’s servants,

Kimberly Hathcock

40 Days of Prayer for European Peoples

This special prayer emphasis begins today!  Print the prayer calendar and join us in lifting up the peoples of Europe.  Our copy is posted on our refrigerator where I am sure I’ll see it many times every day (probably more times than I should.)  😉

Thank you for your prayers for Hungary and for all of Europe – so many here have never heard of the hope they can have in Christ.  Of course lost people are everywhere, so don’t forget to share the love of Jesus in your own neighborhood, too.

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Goodbye to May, hello to June

Greetings, friends!

Well, we’re two days into June now, and I want to pause for a moment and thank those of you who prayed with us through the May prayer calendar.  Each of the prayer requests were carefully chosen because of their strategic importance in the work here and because of what is happening on the ground.  We’ll be updating you as prayers are answered and things continue to progress.

Here’s a link to our latest prayer update, hot off the press: IMB Eastern Hungary Prayer Update – May 2017

You can subscribe to get your own email copy each month using the link at the top left of that page, and you can also request the Hathcock family’s weekly “Salt and Light” updates at  We’d love to share more with you about how God is working – He is worthy of all praise!

Thanks so much for praying with us and for us, and for the ministries in Hungary – we appreciate your involvement and want you to know that we consider you part of our team.  Please let us know how we can pray for you and your family, also.