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Migrant crisis in Hungary is very real

It was a surreal feeling this Monday as we were passing through the train station and subway areas of Budapest.  These places that are very familiar to us are now like scenes from a refugee camp…we saw men, women and children of all ages lying on blankets packed into every available space.  It was heartbreaking, and we saw before our eyes the enormity of what we’ve been hearing about in the news.  We realize that there is no quick, easy solution, but we know that God is able to move and to work in this situation as He can in anything that comes up in this world–He is able, and He has a plan. 

Pray for these people, for the governments and leaders involved, and for wisdom from God for all of us as we act in obedience to Him.

The BBC News report on the situation provides a lot of insight into what is happening: Migrant crisis: Hungary station ‘feels like a refugee camp’

Here is information in English about an organization of volunteers that was formed to help; some of our colleagues and friends in Budapest are working as volunteers with them:  Migration Aid Website