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The Bakers in Hungary: thank you for giving

In this 3-minute video hear from the Bakers in Budapest, Hungary about what God has been doing in their place of service. The Lord is working even during this time of COVID-19 to make His name known to the peoples of the world!

Learn how you can take part through your gift to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

Connect with the Baker family for more information or to request their prayer updates.

Covid-19 impact: IMB financial update

To all faithful supporters of IMB missions in Hungary and around the world: We are so very grateful for how you continually team with us for the sake of the Gospel through your prayers, through your financial gifts, and for how many of you have come to serve with us as volunteers on the field.  We want to keep you updated on the reality of the current situation – below is a letter from IMB President Paul Chitwood:

We are incredibly grateful to steward the sacrificial investment that SBs have been making in getting the Good News to the nations for 175 years. A growth in giving through the CP and LMCO leading into March of 2020 has enabled the Company to enter into the storm of this pandemic from a strong financial position.

The impact of Covid-19, however, upon local SB fellowships — and, thus, the impact upon the Company — is quickly becoming evident. Our revenue totals for March and April have dipped $2million below budget. Moreover, we have made a significant investment in evacuating and relocating overseas personnel from certain places around the globe for a host of reasons related to the pandemic. These were unbudgeted expenses that are coming in at about $2 million. That amount includes getting our personnel back to the field or, in some cases, getting them established in new places. Some of our personnel were required to leave everything behind and will need to start life anew in another harvest field.

We are accounting for this combined negative impact of $4 million by cuts to spending and a hiring freeze for most stateside staff positions. Because of the past generosity of SBs, we are in a solid financial position, but we will need help staying there. So we are appealing to any faithful givers to make an additional gift through the LMCO right now as an investment in caring for M’s and ensuring that the witness to the Good News among the nations is not interrupted. Every gift through the LMCO is dedicated to SB Ms on the field.

We also believe that just as our Master prayed fervently, the prayers of SBs undergird our mission efforts. Each M faces unique challenges, and those challenges are compounded during this unexpected time. Will you ask the Father now for opportunities for advance during this pandemic?

M’s are eternally essential workers, and their witness is needed more in the midst of this pandemic than ever before. Our continued work relies on SBs rallying together now through giving and pr*ying. Thank you for committing to meeting these needs.



Hungary 4 Him: Katelyn’s October update

Hungary 4 Him scene

At the beginning of October, I traveled to Prague, Czech Republic to meet with other journeymen on the field.  The time was refreshing and eye opening in many different ways.  I am so thankful for the friends I have met on this journey. We were able to reflect over our last year on the field, pray over one another, and encourage each other.


Since arriving home from Prague, I have been very busy with students. On October 27-28 I had a sleepover at my house.  There were 5 girls who came.  In Hungary, it is very uncommon to stay the night at another person’s house unless they are family.  This was an experience that some of the girls had never had.

We did hair, make-up, nails, watched movies, made crafts, ate lots of pizza, and played many games. Some of the girls went to sleep around 4 am.  However one girl stayed awake all night, so I stayed up with her!  I am not cut out for all-nighters any more!  Haha.



Prayer Requests:

  • I am going through some things that have been disheartening lately.  I have had lots of encouragement from family and friends that has been helpful.  Pray that Satan will stop using these things against me and I can focus on what I am here to do.
  • As you know, Thanksgiving is coming soon.  I am going to make a Thanksgiving meal to go have at Bible Study on Nov. 24th.  Pray that all goes smoothly with it, that the students enjoy it, and that I can clearly share the gospel and the reason to celebrate.
  • As the holiday season begins, pray that I wouldn’t struggle being away from family.  Last year wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  Pray that I would have peace during these times and that missing home won’t become too big of a distraction.
  • I have not been sleeping well.  I tend to be tired during the days and as soon as my head hits the pillow, I’m wide awake.  Pray that I would begin sleeping better.
  • Pray for “G.”  She was asking lots of questions and I was getting excited talking to her about spiritual things.  Recently, she has been put off by anything to do with God.  She doesn’t pay attention during Bible Study and has started to be a little disruptive as well.  Pray that God would grab hold of her heart and that she would come to understand the love and grace that He has for her.


Some important dates to remember for Lottie Moon Christmas Offering are:

November 28: GIVING TUESDAY: Annual Global Day of Giving
December 3-10: Week of Prayer for International Missions.
December 10 is the LMCO official Sunday.  Our national goal this year is $160 million.

Your giving enables missionaries to be sent to make disciples and multiply churches among unreached people and places for the glory of God.

For more information on LMCO you can go to

~ Katelyn, IMB Western Hungary Team ~

Betsy’s update for the week

Hello Everyone,

I hope that this email finds you and yours doing well.  My apologies for being a bit tardy this week; however, better late than never I suppose. 🙂  Things here have been going well.  The weather has been quite nice and the leaves are falling leaving the trees bare, a sure sign that winter is approaching.  I was able to meet with several students the past week, and the Father blessed me with some wonderful conversations with them.  Please be in prayer for R. and Z.  I was able to discuss spiritual topics with both of them.  However, both agreed that it was very interesting, but they aren’t quite ready to make that step yet.  Please pray that the Father would open their hearts to the gospel.  I also got a new student this week, A.  Please be in prayer for her that the Father would open her heart to hear the good news and believe the gospel.

Betsy and Eszter

Sunday, our house group met and continued in our study of Luke’s gospel.  Please be in prayer for this group as they consider what it truly means to be a follower of Jesus and how they can be obedient to that.  Please pray that they would have a great desire to reach their own and the people of Nagykanizsa.  Finally, this week we celebrated Eszter’s birthday!  We are so thankful for her and her vital part in our ministry!

The holiday season is upon us and with that comes Lottie Moon Christmas Offering!  Please consider giving this Christmas season.  One hundred percent of this offering goes to the IMB to fund missionaries like myself and others to proclaim the gospel where it isn’t known.  Due to your sacrificial giving, I am able to live here and completely focus on working with Hungarians.  I don’t have to worry about support or fund raising.  This offering really means so much to me and others, especially with the changes that have taken place at the IMB.  If you would like me to give you a video telling what we do here in Hungary for showing at your church or small group, please let me know!  I would love to help in anyway that I can!  You can also search #whywego and find many videos from others around the world, explaining exactly how Lottie helps us in our everyday lives!

Also, as many of you know, many of our fellow colleagues have taken the Voluntary Retirement and have felt God calling them back to the states to further the gospel there.  With that being said, many transitions are upon the horizon.  One is that probably around 800+ individuals are returning to the states by the beginning of the year.  Many of them didn’t have this in the plans.  So many are returning and have some needs that need to be met quickly, such as housing, cars, jobs, etc.  If you or your church would be interested in helping returning missionaries, please let me know or contact the transitions team at  They will be able to let you know more specifically what currently needs to be met.

On another note, unfortunately, my time here is winding down.  I now have less than three months remaining in Hungary before I return to the states and to the next chapter of my life.  I am overfilled with a mixture of emotions during this time of change.  My hearts breaks knowing that I have to leave this place that has grown to become home and the people that I have grown to love so deeply.  At the same time, my heart longs to return back to those that I left and give some very long overdue hugs.  Also, added to this mix, is the anxiety of my next step.  Please pray for me in the days ahead.  Pray for guidance, assurance, and comfort from the Father.  Please pray for the people that I have met and with whom I formed relationships.  Pray that the Father would work greatly and mightily in their lives, and pray for good times ahead and good “goodbyes” and closure.  Finally, pray for my next step that I would be faithful and obedient, even though I don’t necessarily know the way, but that I would lay myself down all for Him to use as He sees fit.  I greatly covet your prayers in the days ahead.  Please know that I am so thankful for each and everyone of your prayers.  They mean so much to me and to the ministry that we do here.  Please feel free to respond and let me know how the Father is working in your lives and if I can pray for you in any way.

Until He comes,



Prayer Requests: 

-Students: R. and Z., Anikó

-Sunday Group: obedience and growth

-Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

-Future of IMB

-My time remaining: I would finish the race, strong

-My future steps:  God would show me and give me assurance and comfort

Brown family newsletter August 2015

Dear Friends and Family,

We are witnessing one of the largest refugee movements Europe has seen since World War II. Governments and politicians are seeking solutions to this crisis, but there is no agreement as to what should be done beyond providing humanitarian assistance and granting asylum. As you have probably seen in the media, Hungary is in the eye of the storm as they attempt to secure their border with Serbia and register all immigrants entering the European Union, which is understood in the Schengen Agreement.

While governments and politicians work through issues and solutions, there are ordinary citizens — especially believers and churches — who are greeting refugees as they enter cities and congregate at transit service centers, train stations and parks with bottles of water, food, toiletries, medical services, clothes, diapers, etc.

If anyone is interested in serving and caring for refugees coming through Budapest, we’ll be glad to talk and explore ways to serve. Gary Miller, our team strategy leader, can also be contacted; Gary has contacts with various groups and agencies working with refugees coming through Hungary. Contact Gary through the contact form on the Heart for Hungary webpage. 

Baptist Global Response is helping refugees displaced by the Syria conflict; you can learn more at:

Please pray for the refugee crisis, for European governments and peoples to respond with compassion and understanding. Pray for wisdom and discernment in knowing the best ways to help asylum seekers and how to resolve the causes of this massive migration.

Moreover, this is a huge opportunity for the gospel to be shared among people who may not have had access to it before. Pray that churches and believers will lovingly serve and care for refugees in the name of Christ and intentionally, boldly, clearly tell the gospel and invite refugees to believe, repent and follow Jesus.

Attached is our family’s newsletter for August. (Download here.) Please forward and share with your church, Sunday school class, Bible study and missions group and others.

As always, we are grateful for your prayers and the faithful support Southern Baptist churches give to the Cooperative Program and generous gifts to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. You make it possible for us to serve as Christ’s ambassadors here.

May grace and peace be multiplied to you. I Peter 1:2

Ron and Robin