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Kickoff of youth English conversation game night

Please pray for the initial Friday evening youth English conversation game night. I know two youth from the high school that are coming for sure to meet J. and E. for conversational English and fun. Please pray that sicknesses will be healed with our family and with the Hungarians that are supposed to participate. Please ask God to help cultivate relationships with youth, to meet real needs and share our hope.

Thank you for joining us in prayer!
Monte Baker

Adams’ Prayer Update

I trust all have had a very Merry Christmas. Thank you to those who contributed to Lottie Moon this month and to those who support missions by your prayers and your going.

Mike and I had the joy of helping the Koszikla Church to package, wrap, and deliver over 100 shoeboxes of goodies for children in Torokbalint and Budaors this month. We also shared the Gospel with several students and adults.

Besides celebrating Jesus’ birthday, we enjoyed relaying birthday wishes to our son-in-law, Nick, to our younger grandson, Lucas, and Mike’s dad, LeRoy, this month. Mike’s dad made it home from the hospital just in time to celebrate his birthday on Christmas Day. The family is grateful to the Lord for the doctors and nurses who tended to Papaw.

As you all bring in the New Year tomorrow, I ask that you continue to keep us in your prayers as we minister here in Hungary. We specifically ask for wisdom in making plans for our summer camps and for those who will come to assist us. Pray that the groups we have meeting in our home will want to meet more often for Bible study and prayer time, and that from these groups there will come a  desire to start a new church here.

Mike and Terry

Leading up to Thanksgiving 2014

Balint Marton School

This is where Mike and I spend our Tuesdays and Thursdays this school year. Helping the English teachers there is a lot of fun. We grasp the opportunities we have to share spiritually with students and teachers alike.

Recently the high schoolers put on a performance having to do with saving the environment. The theme had to do with water. A group of students used the story of Noah in a skit to highlight the theme in a comical way. This week, in some of our classes, Mike talked to them about the Biblical story of Noah.

In addition to giving them a more factual take on the story of Noah, we shared the historical significance of Thanksgiving. Mike baked sweet potato pies for the students to taste test. He made them guess what it was, since sweet potatoes are not used in pies in Hungary. Everyone seemed to enjoy this “strange” food, and Mike was more than happy to clean up the crumbs.

 Please pray that students and teachers alike will want to “taste and see that the Lord is good.”

Back To School

Our summer camps were rewarding for both students and teachers alike. We had one profession of faith, and one young man who went on the church’s Youth Retreat after our camp.

Mike and I attended our annual meeting in Germany in early August.

Now, with the cooler weather and hint of fall, we are gearing up to engage the young people at the Balint Marton School and their teachers. Our Bible Study begins this month with the English teachers. Let the learning begin!

It’s Summer Time

It’s summer time, and the days are overcast, cool, breezy, and just a little bit more relaxed. I am thankful for the natural air conditioner given by God during these first few summer days and am full of anticipation of the coming scorching sweltering heat soon to arrive. That summer heat must be braced for with reinforcements and supplies stockpiled at the ready. You know the kind I’m talking about…the inflatable backyard pool, water guns, spray bottles, popsicles, smoothie blender, ice cube trays, large pitchers of cold drinks, and as many fans as possible. Since we do not have a home air conditioner, this is what is takes to remain sane during the short season of extreme heat. That is what it takes….to make life bearable. In other areas of life it takes some soul-searching, thoughtful preparations to not just survive, but also make life bearable, enjoyable, livable, and wonderful. I want to find purpose, unity, organization, reason, and beauty in life, and it is not found inside of me naturally, it is found in knowing Jesus Christ. Our blog is back on the air…live…after a very long hiatus….we are bracing for the heat, ready, prepared, and even excited about what is to come.