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Berekfürdő advent celebration

We had the pleasure of joining the people of Berekfürdő last Sunday as the community gathered to celebrate the opening of the Christmas season.  There was music, some words from the Reformed pastor, cookies baked by local children and sponsors, spiced tea and mulled wine (we had the tea), and the ceremonial lighting of the first candle on the Advent wreath.  The flame was then passed on from person to person among those who brought a candle; children moved through the crowd offering the homemade cookies from wicker baskets.  It’s so hard to not take another…and another…from such cute kids who are politely wishing you a merry Christmas and urging that you take from their basket!

As we move through the coming weeks and to the celebration of Christ’s coming, may we all remember what (or rather Who) it’s all about, and may we share Him with others.

Pray for the people of Berekürdő and the small mission point we are serving with there in partnership with the Karcag Baptist church; ask the Lord to grow the group into a vital, mission-minded church that will reach the community for Christ.

Wishing you all a very blessed Christmas!

Gary & Carolyn

Millers in downtown Debrecen

Gary & Carolyn in downtown Debrecen. In the background the sign over the street says, “Happy Christmas, Debrecen!”

Some adventures we’d rather forget

I usually avoid talking about health things – they’re always more interesting to the teller than to the hearer.  But this situation has really impacted life and ministry, and it’s not over yet.  For years I (Carolyn) have had knee problems which always resolved with a little care, but while down on the Debrecen main square mingling with folks at the big August 20 holiday celebration my right knee suddenly gave notice that I was DONE.WALKING.  Pain was so intense that I had to call Gary to come to my rescue in the car (he was working at home that day.)  Not an easy task for the poor guy to reach me since the streets were still blocked for the parade. It was one of those days full of adventure and excitement we’d rather forget!

Here are some photos of the more pleasant part of the day:

 August 20, “St. Stephen’s Day,” commemorates the founding of the nation and its first king. The Flower Carnival in Debrecen includes a wonderful parade. Here we see the float with the royal crown, some Hungarian people in their native dress, and a pony cart displaying the sunflowers which are so prevalent in our part of the country. The parade includes groups from all around the world – the 4th photo shows a flag team from Narnia, Italy. Yes, my friends, Narnia does exist!

Sunset by the Adriatic Sea in CroatiaThe pain gradually eased off some but there was obviously a problem, so Sept. 3 on our way to a vacation in Croatia we got it checked by a well-recommended doctor in Zagreb.  He advised meniscus surgery for that same afternoon.  Things got a little complicated and what normally would’ve been an outpatient procedure turned in to several days in the hospital.  Our vacation was a little shortened, but we did still have four lovely days on the coast (Gary bought a nice folding chair so I could sit by the water and prop up my leg.)  The photo shows the beautiful sunset on the Adriatic Sea that we enjoyed our last evening there.

Back home the knee slowly improved, but then I re-injured it at the end of September and had to start all over with the recovery.  Praise God, this last week I’ve been able to tell that it’s getting a lot better!

  • Pray that the knee will continue to heal properly so I can get back into more of my regular work.  Gary has had double-duty over the past months since I’ve not been able to shop, cook very much, etc. I’ve missed being on-site with him for quite a few ministry events, providing what support I could from home.
  • All of this has really messed up my sleep patterns and aggravated some other pain issues.  Pray that God will grant peaceful sleep and pain relief.
  • The doctor recommends an additional surgery for both of my knees to help put off eventual knee replacements. (Yikes! Guess I’m really not a teenager any more!)  Pray for wisdom for us in making decisions about treatments.
  • Thank the Lord for how He brings us through difficult times, showing us that who we are in Him is more important than the things we can do for Him – this can be a real battle for someone like me who loves to feel useful and productive!  These last months have been an opportunity for me to ponder the fact that it’s about Him, NOT about me or what I can accomplish for Him.

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10 (NIV)

Salt and Light – August 20

Greetings from Debrecen,

Today is St. Stephen’s Day which is a very important holiday for Hungarians who celebrate the foundation of the Hungarian state and the coming of Christianity more than 1000 years ago. St. Stephen was the first king of Hungary who is known for converting the Magyar people to Christianity. The day is filled festivities which family and friends participate as well as a huge fireworks display at night.

Praising God because our books were released from customs on Monday! Thank you for praying! We also had a lot of opportunity to help our friend G move this week. We have been getting ready to start school on Monday.

Please continue to pray for us:

  • Good encouraging first day of school for the girls and I. Wisdom and patience to work out the glitches and that the girls would have a deep desire to learn and work with excellence.
  • Arianna will start her first week of classes as well. Pray for wisdom and discipline to balance her time. God has given her opportunities to serve in her church this year so pray that she would keep her eyes on Jesus and trust Him to provide for her in every area of her life.
  • As I think back on our time before STAS I am reminded that it is all His work and that He is an Amazing God! Pray that we will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and faithful to the opportunities that He gives us!
  • Darrel and I as we continue with our assignment to study the language. God would give us the ability to learn and speak Hungarian.
  • Our friend G who we helped move this week. God would give us favor and opportunities to share with her especially this year.
  • Our girls would be encouraged to see how God is answering their prayers and meeting their needs in the area of friends.

Thank you so much for your faithfulness to pray for us!

Kimberly Hathcock

Adams’ prayer update excerpts

Examples of the “jurta” houses of ancient Hungary

During a recent festival in Budaörs, our church set up a tent and invited people walking by to come in to take a love language test. It was a chance for our members to introduce folks to the church and talk about Jesus.

This picture was taken in a small  town near us. I couldn’t resist showing the beautiful  flowering trees there.
Mike and I were asked to judge a Beatles competition in Kinga’s school in Budaörs. Here she is on the far left, singing a Beatles song with her fellow English teachers. The competition, however, involved only English students in grades 5-8.

Before our Bible study began, Mike shared a pie crust recipe with Erzsi and Judit.