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European Peoples season of prayer

Stats show that about 99% of people across Europe aren’t yet born again believers, but God is moving, things are happening.  There is hope in Christ even when things seem to be pretty crazy in this world!

Join us starting TODAY in praying for the peoples of Europe — download the  prayer guide pdf here from the IMB European Peoples : 40 Days of Prayer 2019.

Alleyway in Europe

Alleyways in Europe tell stories full of life and history. The crisp air surrounds this woman as she walks home from the market. (Photo courtesy of

Month of Prayer Day 20: Billy & Sheri, Field Medical Coordinators

Today we’ll be praying for Billy & Sheri, IMB Field Medical Coordinators for Europe.  They are based in Budapest but minister to personnel and their families from all across Europe, and are often on the road (or in the air) as they carry out their ministry. Sometimes they are helping people to work through routine matters, but all too often things are quite serious.

  • Lift up as Billy and Sheri as they assist personnel & their families in times of trouble, pain, and difficult decision-making. Ask the Lord to give them strength, wisdom and endurance as they deal with the needs that come their way.
  • Praise God for such caring, compassionate co-workers who assist missionary families to keep them functioning well and on the field.

40 Days of Prayer for European Peoples

This special prayer emphasis begins today!  Print the prayer calendar and join us in lifting up the peoples of Europe.  Our copy is posted on our refrigerator where I am sure I’ll see it many times every day (probably more times than I should.)  😉

Thank you for your prayers for Hungary and for all of Europe – so many here have never heard of the hope they can have in Christ.  Of course lost people are everywhere, so don’t forget to share the love of Jesus in your own neighborhood, too.

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Calling all prayer warriors!

Europe is in the midst of extreme change, and people are looking for answers…fearing what tomorrow (or even today) holds.  Now more than ever, Europe needs to be lifted up to the Throne!  Join with us in 40 days of short, strategic prayer in preparation for the upcoming Day of Prayer for Europe on October 18.

Download the 40 Days of Prayer pdf from our Google drive folder.  More information will be coming soon on the IMB European Peoples website regarding the October 18 Day of Prayer.  

Praying for Europe, and thank you

Map of Europe –

The Lord is doing incredible things here in Hungary and all throughout Europe, but whenever God is working, there are also opposition and difficulties…a spiritual battle is going on for the hearts of the people. Prayer is key in all that we do, and we ask for your help.  Please join us in praying daily for the people of Europe!  

The personnel in our area are currently praying together using a special forty-day prayer guide; each day has a short Scripture verse tied to a one-sentence prayer…if you would like to join us, download it from my Google Docs here.

Thank you so much for your prayer support, as well as your sacrificial giving through the Cooperative Program and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.  We appreciate all of you who pray, give, and come to help.  If you are interested in the possibility of coming as a short-term volunteer, please contact us for details.

To those who give through the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering…a special “Thank you” from IMB workers in Europe:–wdY4nVlpU

More about what God is doing in Europe & how you can pray: