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Month of Prayer Day 22: Nagykanizsa English camps

Paul and Tena Brock of the IMB Western Hungary Team ask that we pray with them for the June 24-28 and July 1-5 intensive English outreach camps that will be taking place in Nagykanizsa. Preparations are going on now both on-site in Hungary and in the US as volunteers prepare to teach English lessons and share their testimonies with students.

  • Pray that preparations and logistics will go smoothly.
  • Ask the Lord to bring students to the camps full of enthusiasm to improve their language skills and with hearts ready to receive the message of the love of Christ.

More info about Nagykanizsa on the city’s Wikipedia page.  Join the Brocks’ prayer team by requesting updates through the Western Hungary Team contact form.

Salt and Light – May 27

Greetings from Debrecen,

Yesterday we saw a beautiful rainbow that filled the sky…it was also a double rainbow. The colors across the sky were so beautiful and I think of God just putting that in the sky to remind us that He keeps his promises. The rainbow itself is amazing and is evidence of our amazing God. This week was hard as Darrel and I both were hit with a virus, thankfully not at the same time. Darrel is still recovering. God protected the girls.

So the students at the University are still taking exams and we have tried to be an encouragement to them.

Please pray:

  • God would empower and encourage the students who are still taking exams and that those who are unbelievers would turn to God.
  • My friend “M” needs to find a job, but she also needs to turn to God. Pray that her heart would be open and for wisdom for me as I share with her.
  • “G” has a huge exam on Tuesday, pray that she would do well and see the connection between our prayers and how God is helping her.
  • “D” as he prepares for his wedding, that God would continue to give Darrel favor with him to speak into his life.
  • A Belarusian of another major world religion is planning to visit us in June, pray that he would come with an open heart and that we would have opportunities to share with him.
  • Arianna had a great mission trip! Pray for her at this time because it seems to be a pattern of the enemy to attack after a great ministry experience, so pray for encouragement and that she would keep her eyes on Jesus.
  • There is a group coming the first week of July to do an English camp, so pray that the church that is hosting it will invite their lost friends to come and that they will have responsive hearts.
  • Another Christian organization, Good Sports, which works with orphans, is in need of people to help with the camps this summer. Pray that those whom God is calling would respond (especially nationals).

Thank you so much for praying,

One of His servants,
Kimberly Hathcock


A lesson in grace

Pray for 14-year-old “K,” who recently took part in an English camp.  Good-hearted, with boundless energy and potential leadership qualities, K has unfortunately never learned impulse control.  She was constantly in trouble, interacting with too much enthusiasm.  Once a playful kick resulted in a shattered touch screen on another camper’s precious tablet, and later an attempted prank led to a child falling painfully on her back.

After multiple reprimands, K sat alone on the steps trying to hide her face.  Gary went to sit with her, and they talked about life at home and at school.  She said she got good grades but was in trouble because of her behavior.

“I am bad.  I am always so bad…” she said through her tears. 

“Do you know what grace is?”  asked Gary.  He gently explained that we all do bad things, but grace is when someone else pays the price for it so that we don’t have to.  She had broken the tablet, but the church said that they would pay to have it repaired.  He went on to say that we have all sinned, but Jesus paid the price for us.

Pray that “K” will soon come to understand and accept this grace that Christ so freely offers, and that in Him she will find the love and acceptance that she is looking for.