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Cobbs’ newsletter excerpts

Welcome back, University of Debrecen students!!!

Classes began on September 1 for the medical students, and on the 8th for all other faculties. Our neighborhood, and all of Debrecen, is a buzz of activity with the students back in town. We continue to prayer-walk the university campus, and surrounding neighborhoods a few times each week.

Please join us in praying for the students, faculty and staff, that God will prepare their hearts to be receptive to the Truth.

The Connections Debrecen coffeehouse outreach resumed on September 18. It’s great to see many returning friends as well as some new faces.  Connections is open weekly on Thursday nights from 8-10 p.m. Throughout the year there are refreshments, fun activities, and even live music. Coffeehouse is a wonderful opportunity for positive, relaxed, one-on-one discussions…

Pray for Debbie’s Dad

Our teammate Debbie Cobb asks that you pray for her father, Robert Tice, who will be having surgery today at 9 a.m. (Eastern Time).

“[They will] remove suspicious spot(s) from his tongue, and also two in his throat,” she writes.  “He has been battling this for about 20 years or so, with several surgeries. We are so thankful that Dad is in the care of a wonderful doctor who keeps a very close eye on him, and acts quickly whenever he sees anything that is not normal. Please pray for a good outcome, good report, and for a smooth recovery. Please also pray for my Mom, Elaine, as she waits, and also as she cares for Dad. Thank you so much for your prayers.”

Thank you for lifting up the Tice family as they deal with this situation.

Welcome, Bruce and Debbie!

Delicious Hungarian crêpes for lunch in Budapest
Gary, Bruce and Debbie with view from Castle Hill

Thank you for praying for Bruce and Debbie as they traveled to join us on the Eastern Hungary Team. We are so happy to have them with us!

The Cobbs arrived safely late Sunday night with all of their luggage intact, and after experiencing a little of Budapest on Monday, returned with us to Debrecen. Orientation has begun, and today they will start looking at apartments.  Pray that the Lord will make it clear where they should live, and that soon they’ll be able to unpack their things and get settled in.

Pray that Bruce and Debbie’s transition to life here will go smoothly as they get to know the area and get a handle on the culture and language; pray that the Lord will give them “divine appointments” with people who will be key in their ministry here, who will open their hearts to the Good News and in turn pass it on to others.

This Thursday’s coffeehouse will be a chance for the Cobbs to meet many of the young people our team has been ministering to, so pray for great new relationships to begin.  And since the coffeehouse theme is an Easter party, lift up the conversations that will naturally arise as we talk about the true meaning of this special time.

Countdown to Bruce & Debbie Cobb’s arrival

Rejoice with us and pray for our newest team members, Bruce and Debbie Cobb, as they will be arriving in Budapest on Sunday, April 13, at 11:55 p.m. (Hungary time is CST +7).

After a time of orientation, the Cobbs will be using English Bible studies and relationship-building to reach out to international students in Debrecen.  This will complement the work of the Hathcocks, whose focus also includes the Hungarian-speaking students. We are excited and thankful that they will be spending the next three years with us, and we can’t wait to see what the Lord will do through them!

Pray that Bruce and Debbie’s transition to life in Hungary will go smoothly, and that even now God will be preparing the hearts of those that they will be ministering to. 

Here are some specific things you can pray for the Cobbs this week:

  • Pray for Debbie’s mom, Elaine Tice, who is recovering from surgery.  She had a cancerous tumor removed from her eyelid, and also had reconstruction to it.  In addition to the surgery, she is also recoving from pneumonia, so she is going through two major challenges right now.
  • Also lift up Debbie’s dad, Robert Tice, who has been dealing with a bad cold over the last couple of weeks, and has been caring for his wife after the surgery.
  • Pray for Bruce and Debbie’s entire family as they share this last week together prior to their departure to the field.  Pray with them that even with the health concerns, they will still be able to share wonderful family time together, and be able to say all that they want to say, do all that they want to do, and just have good good-byes together.  Debbie noted that good-byes are difficult for their family, as they are VERY close…they prefer to say, “till next time!”
  • Pray for Bruce and Debbie as they tie up all of the “loose ends,” that they will remember all that they need to do before leaving on the 12th, and that above all else, that they would remember to put the Lord first and foremost, and continually abide in Him!
  • Bruce and Debbie have been traveling, visiting with family and friends
    before departing for their three-year assignment in Hungary