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Bible study goes online

Lots of changes are happening in life and ministry in Hungary as people deal with the current situation. But ministry goes on, and the Lord is still working!  An IMB worker based in Hungary writes,

“The home Bible study with an elderly couple has moved to an online format where the scripture verses from our local church are discussed. Pray that God would use his word to bring about full obedience to him.”

"T" still doing well / month of prayer

We’re very thankful to report that T. is still doing well after her surgery! She has already been released from the hospital, is eating more, has a higher energy-level, and is very relieved to have the operation behind her.  She has also said that she hopes to come be with us at the church plant Bible study as soon as she is able.  Her mom sends her thanks to all who are praying!  Pray that T’s recovery continues to go well, and that the Lord uses this in the lives of all involved to draw them to Him.

We’re now about half way through the May month of prayer – thank you very much to everyone who is praying along with us!  If you haven’t gotten involved yet, it’s not too late to join in.  Download the prayer calendar at, and take a look at the further information given there about the prayer topics for some of the days.