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Hathcocks’ prayer update excerpts

Greetings from Texas,

God is the one who orders our footsteps in the direction and path that He desires. It is encouraging to realize how Big our God is compared to everything else. Our departure date is February 18th arriving in Debrecen on the 19th. We continue on our journey back to Hungary, getting the last things done. We are thankful that we will be returning to the same house that we left in Debrecen that contains our stuff. I wanted to share an update with my sister and her son Ezra. They have been released to the Ronald McDonald house. Here is her blog where you can keep updated and pray for them. Thank you for praying for them and the challenges that they face each day.

Please pray:

  • We will be faithful with the divine appointments God gives us.
  • The students as they have finished up exams and take the time to rest that they would realize that there has to be a God.
  • Courage for those who are believers to share their faith with their lost friends.
  • God would give us favor with the students and the University.
  • God would surround Arianna with people who will love her and encourage her especially the days following our departure.

Thank you so much for praying for us!

One of His servants,
Kimberly Hathcock

Brown family newsletter August 2015

Dear Friends and Family,

We are witnessing one of the largest refugee movements Europe has seen since World War II. Governments and politicians are seeking solutions to this crisis, but there is no agreement as to what should be done beyond providing humanitarian assistance and granting asylum. As you have probably seen in the media, Hungary is in the eye of the storm as they attempt to secure their border with Serbia and register all immigrants entering the European Union, which is understood in the Schengen Agreement.

While governments and politicians work through issues and solutions, there are ordinary citizens — especially believers and churches — who are greeting refugees as they enter cities and congregate at transit service centers, train stations and parks with bottles of water, food, toiletries, medical services, clothes, diapers, etc.

If anyone is interested in serving and caring for refugees coming through Budapest, we’ll be glad to talk and explore ways to serve. Gary Miller, our team strategy leader, can also be contacted; Gary has contacts with various groups and agencies working with refugees coming through Hungary. Contact Gary through the contact form on the Heart for Hungary webpage. 

Baptist Global Response is helping refugees displaced by the Syria conflict; you can learn more at:

Please pray for the refugee crisis, for European governments and peoples to respond with compassion and understanding. Pray for wisdom and discernment in knowing the best ways to help asylum seekers and how to resolve the causes of this massive migration.

Moreover, this is a huge opportunity for the gospel to be shared among people who may not have had access to it before. Pray that churches and believers will lovingly serve and care for refugees in the name of Christ and intentionally, boldly, clearly tell the gospel and invite refugees to believe, repent and follow Jesus.

Attached is our family’s newsletter for August. (Download here.) Please forward and share with your church, Sunday school class, Bible study and missions group and others.

As always, we are grateful for your prayers and the faithful support Southern Baptist churches give to the Cooperative Program and generous gifts to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. You make it possible for us to serve as Christ’s ambassadors here.

May grace and peace be multiplied to you. I Peter 1:2

Ron and Robin