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Salt and Light – January 21

Greetings from Debrecen,

God’s work continues…… Opening doors at the Agriculture University through a volunteer, Curtis who has had several opportunities to share with others about God and how to reach others through gardening. Sophia finished her 1st semester of high school. More conversations and spending time with “J.” Our friend “I” passed the second part of his medical exam! He was surprised and we pray that He sees how God is blessing Him. I met with my friend “N” and she is back on track in following the Lord but the difficulties are still around her so we pray that she continues to make the right choices. Arianna made it back safely and God has given her the strength to start training for a new job as well as the beginning of school.

Please pray:

  • God would use the open doors and conversations that Curtis had this week to bear much fruit.
  • Sophia would have peace and be encouraged this week.
  • “J’s” heart would remain open and that he would think about the discussions that we have had with him.
  • A friend and student we spent time with this weekend, she would seek after God and have a desire to grow. She would be obedient to the things that she knows God wants her to do.
  • We would focus on the Lord and continue to be a light in Debrecen no matter the circumstances.

Thank you!

One of His Servants,

Kimberly Hathcock

Salt and Light – January 14

Greetings from Debrecen,

God’s work in Debrecen continues…… This past weekend Darrel spent some time with a friend you all have been praying for, “J.”  During the time that he was with Darrel they met up with another friend, “S.”  “J” has been saying that he now considers himself to be an atheist but is still open to conversations about God. When they were together “S” had the opportunity to share his testimony with “J.” So exciting because “J” heard the gospel from someone else who is from the same part of the world as he is and the joy that “S” had in sharing his testimony with someone else. God is good.

Also just found out that another person we have been praying for, a girl from our discipleship group, is taking the courageous step to be baptized on February 4th. She has been thinking about this for a long time and now she is going to do it through a local church.

Arianna is on her way home from Southeast Asia!

Darrel received his test results and passed the oral section but not the written. So language school continues.

Please pray:

  • “J’s” heart would continue to be open and that God would speak to him in such a way that he would believe in Him. God would use “S’s” testimony in revealing salvation and faith to him.
  • This young lady who will be baptized, that the enemy would not distract or discourage her and that she will be obedient. God would continue to give her a hunger to know Him.
  • “N,” a friend who is trying to follow after God and has made some good but hard choices. She would be encouraged at this critical point in her life.
  • God’s protection and encouragement for Arianna as she returns today and starts school and a new job in the next couple of days. It seems that the enemy often attacks after serving the Lord on a mission trip, so if you could pray that God would carry her through this time.
  • Darrel said that our friend “I” is still anxious about his test results, so please keep praying for him. He will see that it is the true God who is helping him.
  • For “C,” who is serving in Debrecen this week regarding an agricultural ministry. Pray for divine appointments in sharing about how to use this to share the gospel.

Thank you so much for praying for us!

One of His servants,

Kimberly Hathcock

Gardening for the Gospel

Please be in prayer for New Mexico volunteer Dr. Curtis Smith as he ministers here in Hungary this week, using his background as Agricultural Science professor, county extension  worker, gardening columnist and TV series host.  Tonight he will be  doing a presentation to area church leaders on how to use a Master Gardener program in outreach for Gospel connections.

While in the Debrecen area he will be doing several presentations to various groups, doing site visits in Roma villages, and spending time with interested individuals. 

Pray that God will provide open doors for many spiritual conversations; also that believers will catch the vision of how to use agriculture and gardening not only for feeding the physically hungry, but also for providing spiritual food to those who need to know the Lord.
Curtis and Gary preparing for tonight’s presentation

Hathcocks’ prayer update excerpts

Greetings from Debrecen.

We’re thankful that God is in charge. God has worked through Curtis in a variety of situations to share about agriculture and Jesus. Yeah God! Seeds were planted literally and spiritually in people’s lives. God is at work in two students as we have had some great conversations with them. We are thankful for the guests that God has sent into our lives this week as well. We also are trying a different plan for my back and we are seeing some positive results! Arianna finished one of her classes this week and received good marks.

Please pray:

  • Safe journey for Curtis as he returns to the states. Pray for wisdom to sort through all the opportunities and to see where God is at work and how to best join Him in the future. Those who heard about Jesus this week will know Him as their Savior and to trust him fully.
  • The ability to learn Hungarian as we are in the process of organizing lessons and time to study.
  • Arianna to not grow weary but to have the motivation to finish her classes without anxiety but trusting that you will help her.
  • Several of our students have asked for prayer regarding their exams and studies and have seen some great results. Pray that they will see how God has helped them and give Him all the glory. They would grow in their trust in God and hunger to know Him more.
  • Wisdom as we continue to connect with students this week that we would encourage them in their journey with God.
  • This coming Saturday we will gather for English worship at a school in Debrecen. Pray for encouragement for those who are serving God and that we would be a light to this unchurched area of Debrecen.

Thank you so much for praying for us!

Kimberly Hathcock

Catch-up time

Whew–it’s good to be home again after being out and about a lot over the past two months!  We’ve had a great time, both in ministry, training conferences, in meetings with team members and ministry partners, and also in precious days with visiting family members.  Now we are busy looking through emails and catching up on to-do list items.

Please pray with us:

  • Gary’s mom has started chemo treatments, and she, Dad, and all the family appreciate prayers very much.
  • Lift up Curtis Smith, who is here right now teaching about container gardening.  Ask for many opportunities for him to share his faith as well as assisting people to know how best to grow food for their families.
  • Lift up a national believer and friend who is in urgent need of a new job that will pay enough that he can reunite his family.  He is currently working long days, 6 days/week, but it is not enough to support the family.
  • Pray for the twice-a-month Wednesday night discipleship group members to live out what they are learning & to pass on the lessons to others, as well as sharing Jesus with lost friends and family members.
  • Ask for wisdom for us re: the brand new discipleship group started on the alternate Wednesday evenings; should we keep it on this night, or change to Sunday evenings – ?  Pray this small group will grow both in numbers and in spiritual understanding.
  • Pray for the Tiszafüred church plant to be encouraged and move forward in spiritual growth, obedience and outreach.  Ask that the lost friends coming will soon become followers of Jesus.
  • Every day we are seeing new opportunities for ministry open up, and we need wisdom from the Lord as to which things to do, which things to pass on to others, and which things to say “no” to.  This is very hard!
  • Lift us up, as we are feeling very tired, that we would live each day in the grace He gives: “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Cor. 12:9)

We appreciate your prayers very much!   Also a huge “thank you” to those of you who give to support missions around the world through the Cooperative Program and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

Carolyn with Danny, Nicole and Clara
Carolyn in the botanical gardens in Debrecen with our son Danny, his wife Nicole & little Clara

Paula and Erik visit Tiszafured
Carolyn’s sister Paula & bro-in-law Erik visit at the church plant