Salt and Light – September 17

Greetings from Debrecen,

Thanking God for His faithfulness and the opportunities that He gives us to share Jesus with those around us. Darrel is still on his trip and has had several good conversations with “K.” He also met up with one of his former students who is Muslim who was able to show them around town. The girls and I continue with school and life. We were also able to celebrate the birthday of one of Darrel’s former students who has become a dear friend to us. She is not yet a believer but we continue to pray and share our lives with her. God is at work in her life.

One of our friends and student was on a flight to Budapest and was not able to secure a definite ride from the airport to Debrecen. She told us that she was thinking and praying when she felt God leading her to text us (she was already on the plane). I received her message and thought, who told her that Darrel was going to Budapest, because we have a lot of common friends. Well Darrel was already on his way to Budapest to pick up our friends from the airport within an hour of her arrival. They connected and to God be the glory for how he provides for us and how important for us to follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

Please continue to pray:

  • God would open the eyes of our friend “K” so that he would trust and believe in Jesus.
  • “G,” a former student of Darrel’s, whom we continue to love and encourage, that she will see Jesus in our lives and that she would desire a relationship with Him.
  • The Muslim student Darrel was able to reconnect with, that God would reveal Himself to this student. He asked us to pray for him as he takes the U.S. medical entrance exam, so we are praying that He will do well and see how God has answered our prayers.
  • That “J” would just surrender to God. There is a spiritual battle going on in his life.
  • “A,” a student from Iran, would grow in his understanding of the truth of God’s Word and how to apply it to his life.
  • So many new students, many of them from different countries — pray that their hearts would be open to the truth about Jesus and why He came.
  • God would give us wisdom and discernment.

Your prayers are a huge blessing to us!

One of God’s servants,