Salt and Light – September 10

Greetings from Debrecen,

God is good and we trust Him. It has been exciting to see the students return to Debrecen. It is like the city comes back to life. As I see them on the tram and walking around they are such a diverse group, many from different countries. Praying for these students to encounter God this year in a new and fresh way.

Some of you prayed for a student, “B,” and she did get a job! It will be a good fit for her and will allow her to make some money for school. Darrel had a couple of opportunities to speak with some people at a hamburger joint. We are thankful for His work in the lives of people around us.

Please continue to pray:

  • “B” as she prepares to move and starts a new job that she would find other Christians that she can connect with.
  • God would open the eyes and hearts of students in Debrecen that they would know and worship the one true God.
  • Darrel will be traveling with some friends this week, pray that God would encourage and refresh His heart.
  • We would be faithful to invest in those whom God sends to us.
  • Here is a link to the European prayer guide that you are welcome to use as you pray.

Keep praying! Thank you!

One of God’s servants,

Kimberly Hathcock