Salt and Light – October 29

Greetings from Debrecen!

Well, the temperatures have dropped, the leaves are changing colors and our daylight is shorter.  Winter is coming! So thankful that God always keeps His promises and there are so many of them in His Word. So we are back to life as usual. Darrel goes to language school and I teach the girls. We are looking forward to Christmas when Arianna can join us for a few weeks. Our Thanksgiving celebration seems to be growing because so many different people joined us the last time we gathered in Debrecen. We are hoping for opportunities to share with our lost friends and those who are like family.

Please pray for:

  • A young Belgian lady I met who was looking for truth. She would see that Jesus is the truth.
  • “O,” a young Israeli man who needs physical healing and strength. Asking God to work in such a way that he would know that it is God who has healed him. He said he only believes in his music.
  • “I,” a medical student who will be taking a big national exam Nov. 6. Asking God to help him in such a way that He would believe in the one true God.
  • “J,” another student, that God would open his eyes to the reality of the one true God and that he would completely trust in Him.
  • Nov. 14 there will be some important decisions being made for my friend M. Pray that she will have favor in the eyes of those making the decision. She will see God’s hand and desire to know Him.
  • Arianna as she prepares for her Southeast Asia trip.
  • God would put His desires in our hearts and the courage to do the things that He wants us to do. 

One of His servants,