Salt and Light – March 26

Greetings from Debrecen,

“Young lions lack food and go hungry, but those who seek the Lord will not lack any good thing.” Ps. 34:10 

So thankful for God’s provision and His promises. Thankful for you all and your prayers for us and the work that God is doing in Debrecen. This week while the girls and I were at a coffee shop, I was walking over to the table where there was some uneven tile and I fell on my knee. Afterward it really hurt and I prayed and asked the Lord to heal me, hoping I didn’t do any damage to my back or leg. After a while the pain went away and I continued to check my knee even the day after for some sort of bruise but there wasn’t any bruise or anything. I am so thankful that God healed it.

We will hopefully get internet on Wednesday! Yeah! And our telephones are in the process. Life just takes longer here.

Please pray:

  • God would continue to soften the hearts of a friend and her boyfriend, and that we would not miss any opportunities that God gives us to share about Christ. 
  • As we were driving with one of our students by the University we were in the middle of a bunch of student apartments and we were dreaming about the idea of having a place where students could gather or come to so they can hang out and have opportunities to hear about the Lord. Pray that if this is a part of God’s plan that He would prepare the place. 
  • A young lady, “N,” who was in our Bible study last year, that she would continue to follow after the Lord and to make wise choices. She is the only believer in her family so pray that they will have the faith to believe in Jesus. 
  •  God would give Darrel the ability to speak and understand Hungarian as he studies this week.
  •  A hunger and thirst among university students to know God.  

Thank you so much!

One of His servants,