Salt and Light – June 4

Greetings from Debrecen,

So thankful for your prayers! The last couple of weeks have been very good but challenging. Our daughter Arianna is recovering from the accident that she was a part, and God blessed their trip to Boston. My trip to London last week was amazing and I’m so thankful for His divine appointments and protection. Darrel was able to do language, and God gave him the ability to have a productive week with the girls in school. We are so excited about Arianna coming for the summer! We are thankful that the day of language testing is almost upon us.

Please pray:

  • Darrel will be taking his language exam in Hungarian on Friday and Saturday of this week. We are praying for a miracle that he would pass the B2 level. He has studied hard and now we will trust the Lord for the results. We know that God will equip us for His work and that we shall not lack any good thing.
  • Arianna will fly from the states on Tuesday so pray for safety, peace and wisdom to navigate through the airports while she is jet lagged. God will give her opportunities to share her faith along the way.
  • I also want to thank God for the opportunity that He gave us to walk through the largest mosque in Europe, which is in London. We had a tour of the women’s section and we were able to pray while we were walking. I asked the Lord to give me the opportunity to look at the women in their eyes and pray for them that they would see Jesus. I have no doubt that God will use this for His Kingdom.
  • We met two older people “D” and “J” who knew about religion and were so open as several people shared the gospel. Pray for open eyes to see that Jesus wants a relationship with them and that they would not put it off. That whatever is hindering them would be removed.
  • Also I met a lady from Sweden, “J”, who doesn’t think about spiritual things at all. It is not even on her radar. No one in her family are Christians. She asked us to pray that she would get a job. I am asking God to give her a job so that she will know that He is real.
  • Also we met a Turkish lady in the market who was brought up Mslm but she doesn’t believe and was very open to us as we shared with her how to be saved. We gave her a book of John as well, since she wasn’t ready to give her life to Jesus. She also asked us to pray for something, so I am praying that God will make himself real through answered prayer and His Word, and maybe a dream.
  • Some of the other ladies met a tourist from Italy where it was evident that God was at work in her heart. Pray that she will think about the things of God and not put off giving her life to Jesus.

 Thank you so much for praying for these people.

One of God’s servants,