Salt and Light – July 2

Greetings from Debrecen,

Wow! What a fun and full week! We had a great visit with our friend “D”!  He remains open!  Dinner with our Jewish friend and her family did not work out but we will see them later this summer. Darrel, Arianna and Sophia taught and helped out with an English camp at the Baptist church in Debrecen. We were blessed by three students on their way to serve in Slovakia. I was so impressed with their youth group who does a foreign mission trip every other year for juniors and seniors. Now these students have come back for the summer! Any mission trip is a life changing experience.

We have enjoyed lots of different people in our home!  We have been able to catch our breath and trust the Lord to give us strength for this week. Our dog will have surgery this week to remove a cyst on her belly so the girls are a little worried about her. There will be a huge camp for orphans this week that another GCC group is hosting. So many kids with a lot of difficult issues.

Just want to wish everyone a happy 4th of July! After living in this part of the world we are so thankful for the freedom that we have in America! I know it isn’t perfect but there are a lot of areas of this world where this freedom does not exist. Our God is not bound by these restrictions! His work continues no matter what!

Please pray:

  • Seeds planted by these English camps throughout Hungary would bear fruit!
  • God would give those serving at the camp with orphans strength and wisdom as they spend time with these kids. God would heal their hearts and that many would truly give their lives to Jesus and that He would give them the ability to break free from their old lifestyle. Also that the caretakers at the orphanages would also receive the gift of salvation.
  • “D,” that God would open his eyes to the reality of sin in his own life and his need for salvation.
  • Our friend from Pakistan, “J,” will not be going home this summer! Pray that he will respond to the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Ask that God would speak to him in such a way that He would know that it is the one true God.
  • Darrel as he meets with “A,” who is a friend from Iran, that God would give him words of encouragement and wisdom as to how he might help “A” grow in his relationship with God.
  • Other GCC co-workers Dénes, Alyssa, and Jonah, who are looking for a place to live in Debrecen. Pray that they would see God’s provision and wisdom to know where to look.
  • A Hungarian friend who will be taking an exam on Monday. She has already failed several times and this is her last time to take it. God knows what situation will be the best and I am praying that the results of the test will cause her to know God in a deeper way. That she would have peace as well during the exam, and that she knows that it is from God.
  • We would be faithful to the work that God has given us to do!

Thank you so much for your prayers!

One of His servants,

Kimberly Hathcock