Salt and Light – July 16

Greetings from Debrecen,

We are thankful for another full week! God has blessed us with guests from Texas this week and we’re thankful for their willingness to give sacrificially of their time and lives to serve the Hungarian people. We were blessed to have a group of students in our home Tuesday for worship and gulyas, which was so encouraging for everyone.

Darrel finally received the results of his language exam and he did not pass. God promises to prepare and equip us for His assignments so we trust that He will do that for us. This week we are planning on a family vacation so I will not be writing next week.

Yesterday Darrel began to have a fever and other symptoms, so we are praying for his healing before we leave Wednesday for our vacation.

Please pray:

  • Healing and restored strength for Darrel as we prepare for some vacation time. God would use this time together as a family.
  • We had an opportunity to spend time with J and are so glad that his heart is open; we are praying for more time to share and are still praying that God would reveal Himself to J in such a way that he believes and trusts in Jesus.
  • My friend M (not a believer) is really having a difficult time, pray that she would see her need to trust in God to help her and that her eyes would be open to the ways that He is already working. She would experience the peace that only comes from God.
  • We would continue to seek the Lord with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. He would give us wisdom.
  • As we meet with different people during our vacation that they would see and hear about Jesus through our lives.

Thank you so much!

One of His Servants,