Salt and Light – January 14

Greetings from Debrecen,

God’s work in Debrecen continues…… This past weekend Darrel spent some time with a friend you all have been praying for, “J.”  During the time that he was with Darrel they met up with another friend, “S.”  “J” has been saying that he now considers himself to be an atheist but is still open to conversations about God. When they were together “S” had the opportunity to share his testimony with “J.” So exciting because “J” heard the gospel from someone else who is from the same part of the world as he is and the joy that “S” had in sharing his testimony with someone else. God is good.

Also just found out that another person we have been praying for, a girl from our discipleship group, is taking the courageous step to be baptized on February 4th. She has been thinking about this for a long time and now she is going to do it through a local church.

Arianna is on her way home from Southeast Asia!

Darrel received his test results and passed the oral section but not the written. So language school continues.

Please pray:

  • “J’s” heart would continue to be open and that God would speak to him in such a way that he would believe in Him. God would use “S’s” testimony in revealing salvation and faith to him.
  • This young lady who will be baptized, that the enemy would not distract or discourage her and that she will be obedient. God would continue to give her a hunger to know Him.
  • “N,” a friend who is trying to follow after God and has made some good but hard choices. She would be encouraged at this critical point in her life.
  • God’s protection and encouragement for Arianna as she returns today and starts school and a new job in the next couple of days. It seems that the enemy often attacks after serving the Lord on a mission trip, so if you could pray that God would carry her through this time.
  • Darrel said that our friend “I” is still anxious about his test results, so please keep praying for him. He will see that it is the true God who is helping him.
  • For “C,” who is serving in Debrecen this week regarding an agricultural ministry. Pray for divine appointments in sharing about how to use this to share the gospel.

Thank you so much for praying for us!

One of His servants,

Kimberly Hathcock