Salt and Light – February 4

Greetings from Debrecen!

It was a blessing to see our friend follow through with baptism this morning! Thank you for praying for her. We had a good visit with “Z” and God continues to open the heart of our friend “J.” God is definitely working in his heart and we are asking for more opportunities to speak into his life. Talked with my friend “M,” and she thanked us for encouraging her and acknowledged that God was answering our prayers. This is huge for her to acknowledge that God had anything to do with this, so I see that God is opening her eyes. Next weekend I will not write a prayer note because I will be taking a group of ladies to a women’s conference. Arianna is doing much better with her sickness, again thank you for praying. I am thankful because I keep hearing things in the news about how bad the flu has been in the U.S

Please continue to pray:

  • Join us in praying for a job for “Z” so that he would see that God is providing for him. Asking God to open his heart and eyes.
  • Time to reconnect with the students like “G” who will be returning from Winter break, that God would give us favor in their lives and the opportunity to share more about Him.
  • God would reveal himself in such a way that “J” knows that it is the one true God.
  • God’s protection of our friend who was baptized, that God would continue to give her courage to be obedient and to follow after Him. Her husband would also grow in his understanding of who God is.
  • Safety and good weather as we travel to the women’s conference and that the women would be encouraged in their relationship with God.
  • Darrel would like prayer for Tuesday between 11am – 12pm U.S. Central time for the removal of distractions with some of the Roma kids that he will be meeting. There seems to be a lot of spiritual warfare in the form of distractions which is keeping them from hearing and learning about God.
  • This week an MK (missionary kid) in Debrecen will be sharing her testimony and why she is a missionary with her whole high school. She started out just sharing with her class but now the teacher wants her to share with the whole school. Her name is “R” — ask God to give her courage and boldness to share. We don’t know the day, but it will be this week.

Thank you so much for praying!

One of God’s servants,

Kimberly Hathcock