Salt and Light – April 23

Greetings from Debrecen,

Thankful for His strength and the work that He is doing in Debrecen and in the lives of students. God continues to give us favor with our friend of another religion as we enjoyed a time together of learning and sharing. Our friend from Holland came and spent Easter Sunday with us. Darrel did an awesome job preaching and clearly sharing the gospel story. We keep praying for our friend who was there and listened.

Still meeting folks we haven’t seen in a while. It is interesting to me that our Indian friend who had also lived in the U.K. is living and working in Israel and curious about the places Jesus had been. What is God doing? We keep praying and trusting that He is at work.

God continues to give us favor with our church and we are open as to how God would use us. In recent days we have been becoming increasingly aware of the spiritual warfare that we see and experience here. To say that we value your prayers is an understatement because we really need them.

Continue to pray:

  • That our friend’s eyes and ears would be open to the witness of Jesus as he lives and works in Israel.
  • God would give Darrel the ability to speak and learn Hungarian so he can pass his test in June so he will be finished with full time language school.
  • Our daughters would have the faith to trust God for His provision in every area of our lives.
  • For a young lady from our Bible study, that as a busy student she would carve out time to spend with God, and that she would continue to grow in her relationship with Him.
  • For another friend, that God would speak to him in such a way that he knows that it is the one true God.
  • That “A,” who is a new believer, would grow in his relationship with God.
  • A lady that we buy our eggs from who is not a believer. Darrel has had some good conversations with her.
  • We would be faithful and fruitful.

Thank you so much for your prayers!

One of His servants,