Proud of our city!

If you’ve ever been to Debrecen or would someday like to, you will love this article and photos of our adopted city:   CNN travel article about Debrecen   Note that the thermal spa it talks about is actually not outside the city, but is right along the tram tracks near the university.  Look it up if you’re in town and have a few hours to relax and enjoy the water. 🙂

Debrecen is a wonderful place to live and to serve, and we love the people!  Pray that the hearts of these friends will be open to the Gospel message, and that as the Good News takes hold here, the influence of this city will help spread it throughout Hungary, into neighboring countries, and around the world.

Time and temperature are displayed in the city center, festival booths in the background.

Near the city center.  People live in apartments above the shops along the street.

Debrecen University main building