Planned visit to “J”

Two of the church plant members are planning to go see “J” in the hospital on Sunday after our special Easter celebration — they want to visit for a little while and take him some food and other needed items. In Hungary, family and friends often take food and other items to patients since not a lot is provided.  The hospital is in a different town from the church plant, and since these ladies don’t have cars at this point they asked if we would be able to go with them in our car before we return to Debrecen (we live an hour away from the church plant.)  We are so glad to hear of the plan, and we are more than happy to go with them,  see our friend, and supply the transportation. 

Pray that we will have the right words to minister to “J,” and that in this time he will experience the physical and spiritual healing that he needs.  Also pray that as church plant members reach out to him, that they will be encouraged to keep growing in their own spiritual walk.  May the Lord get glory in all of our lives!