Native American singer and drummer to visit Hungary

Ralph Zotigh at the Grand Canyon

Pray that the Lord will bring together the scheduling for the volunteer team that will be here July 26 – August 2, and prepare the hearts of those who will hear the gospel.  Ralph Zotigh, a full-blooded Kiowa American Indian, will be performing traditional American Indian vocal and drum music and sharing about the native American culture and his life, including his strong Christian testimony.  Also coming is science and agriculture professor Dr. Curtis Smith. Lift up all those that Mr. Zotigh and Dr. Smith will be interacting with, that their hearts will be drawn to the Lord through what is shared.

Over the past year or so we have asked you to pray for Z and her daughter T from Tiszafüred.  T had been doing much better after her brain surgery, but this Sunday we heard that once again something is wrong.  Pray for healing and hope for her, and for encouragement and help for Z, as this is quite difficult and discouraging.  Ask the Lord to protect Z’s heart, that she would not turn away from seeking after Him.  In addition to her fears for her daughter, she is also experiencing chronic pain herself, which makes it very hard for her to find the strength to go on each day.