Month of prayer – thoughts on day 3

Hajdúszoboszló Bible distribution/blood pressure booth, 2008

Today is day 3 of the month of prayer for eastern Hungary.  This morning as I was reading the prayer request and praying, asking God to “stir people’s hearts to read and obey the Scriptures,” pictures began to flood my memory.  I began to see face after face of people from over the past years…people who picked up a Bible at one of our Bible booths, received one as a special holiday momento at the coffeehouse ministry, or as a personal gift after a conversation about the Lord.

Praise the Lord, thousands of Bibles have been distributed, and we know that they are in homes all over eastern Hungary; some may have now been carried far beyond our area, even to other countries. We know that God’s Word is powerful and active (Hebrews 4:12) and it will not return to Him void, but will accomplish what He desires (Isaiah 55:11).  Pray together with me for each of those who now has one of those Bibles in their home, that they will be irresistibly drawn to read it.  Pray that hearts will be softened and lives changed as God’s Word draws them to Him in repentance, obedience and love.