Living everyday life with purpose

Carolyn, back from the store with her rolling shopping bag

Everyday life happens here on the field as it does no matter where you live.  Meals must be cooked, the house cleaned, the clothes washed, the bills paid–which entails a trip to stand in line at the post office–and groceries must be bought.  Lift us up, that as we go about the more mundane things of life we will remember to do it as unto the Lord, with a thankful heart and always watching for opportunities to share Whose we are. 

Many of my (Carolyn’s) opportunities to share my faith these days come as I go to the grocery store, so I need to go with that in mind; I mustn’t be in too much of a rush to stop and visit with neighbors or with those I meet at the store.  Pray that I will be patient and purposeful, and that the Lord will give me the words that will speak Hope to someone’s heart.

“As you go, proclaim this message: ‘The kingdom of heaven has come near.’”  Matthew 10:7 (NIV)