Light in the darkness

Photo of candle and Christmas Joy display

Last night there was an electrical problem on our block, and the power went out in half of our house…later it was out for quite a while in ALL the house…then back on in the other half.  This kind of thing went on for much of the evening, making a Skype meeting and VOIP phone calls quite a bit shorter than planned.

It’s so easy to feel dependent on luxuries such as electricity, but darkness and lack of Internet can make us slow down a bit and look at things differently.  Candles and our mini oil lamp gave a pleasant glow and a feeling of fun and nostalgia to our home. It’s amazing how even a little light can dispel the darkness!

And yes, the power company guys did come and get our power back on in time for us to turn out the lights and go to bed.  🙂

Pray that we will shine His light in dark places.