Important preparation

We have been meeting as often as possible recently with “A,” a young friend who will be leaving this weekend for a semester of study in a country very far from here–a place where sharing your faith is not allowed. A is a new believer, and we want her to be as grounded as possible in the Word before she goes.  We don’t know if we or other believers will be able to communicate with her, so it is very important that she be able to stand firmly and know how to study the Bible for herself. 

Pray for provision for A’s needs–at the last moment she is discovering fees and charges that she was not told about before–and for safety as she travels.  Ask that she will not become discouraged or led astray, but that she will continue to grow, coming back even more committed in her walk with the Lord.  Also pray for her family, especially for a seriously ill aunt, that God will take care of them while she is gone and that they will soon come to Christ.