Hungary 4 Him: Katelyn’s August update

Where do I begin?  I want to say I’m sorry it has been so long since my last update! The month of August was definitely a busy month, but a month I will cherish forever. The last week of July I spent in Poland at a conference with other IMB workers.  We were spoiled by the group from North Carolina who came to serve us.  It was  a great week of praising the Lord in my native language, catching up with friends from training, and learning new things.  We, the singles, had a few afternoons open, so we went on a hike!  It rained most of the time, but we had lots of laughs and an amazing time.

After that, I headed of to Vienna to meet up with a few of my favorite people!  Mom, Dad, Uncle Dick, Aunt Billye, Bev and I were able to travel to Vienna, Frankfort, Venice, and Rome.  In Rome, we said “see ya later” to Uncle Dick and Aunt Billye.  They made it safely to the States and we flew to Switzerland.  We took a train by the Alps from Geneva to Zurich. Then we headed to Amsterdam and Berlin before heading to Budapest and then to Nagykanizsa.  Mom, Dad, and Bev were able to go to church here with me. I enjoyed having them and sitting with them during church again!

  • The school year has just begun here.  Pray for the students as they begin a new year.
  • Pray also for Paul, Tena, and I as we will each have many students to teach.  We are taking on the work that 5 people were doing and we are also adding students.
  • Pray for T and G.  They have a heavy schedule this year.  This means there is a smaller chance for me to teach them English, which means they aren’t hearing the Gospel as much. Pray that we would be able to find a time for them to come and that Satan won’t use their schedule to get in the way of the Gospel. Also pray that their hearts would be open to Christ.  There are many things holding them back from a personal realtionship with Christ and they won’t voice those to me.
  • Pray for those who are believers to be a Light in their schools.
  • I have reached my 1 year mark with the company and I am almost to my FIRST WHOLE YEAR ON THE FIELD!  Time has flown by!  Pray for this next year for me. A year seems like a long time to be able to do something, but I know my time here will be up before I know it.  Pray that I won’t wait to share with students, but I would share at every possible opportunity.
  • Telling my family bye was very difficult for me.  I did not want them to leave.  During this time, I have also felt inadequate. I have struggled most days since they have been gone.  During this time, Satan has really attacked me.  Please pray that these struggles would go away and that Satan wouldn’t be able to use it against me!
  • PRAISE: T and Z took me to lunch for my birthday.  It was a hard day for me because I had just told Mom, Dad, and Bev bye.  I am very thankful for those that God has placed in my life during this season.  T and Z made my day special!

Thank you for your prayers and support!  Please let me know if there is anything I can pray about for you!  I wouldn’t be here without your love and prayers and I can’t thank you enough!

~ Katelyn, IMB Western Hungary Team ~