The Hungarian People

Hungarian culture is diverse, complex, and multi-leveled. On the surface the people often appear as quiet, reserved, or even melancholy. They are, in fact, a gracious and hospitable people who treasure family and close personal relationships. They respect each others’ privacy, and homes are typically a haven reserved for family and friends.

Education is highly valued, and the literacy rate stands at 99%. Most tend to be avid readers; newsstands and bookstores are everywhere. People can be seen reading books or magazines in the park, at coffee shops, on buses, trains, and on the subway. It is not uncommon to see someone reading while walking down the sidewalk.

Hungary has given the world many leaders in art, music, science and technology. Opera houses and theaters can be found all across the country. They also have a great appreciation for their history and respect for those who played significant roles in defining their Hungarian identity. This is reflected in the number and popularity of museums and monuments.

They also tend to enjoy the outdoors. The many parks are filled with flowers, and people will sit and visit while the children play. Hiking, fishing, bicycling and hunting are popular activities. European football (soccer) is the most popular sport in Hungary, but they also play and watch many others, including handball, basketball, water polo and track and field events.