Hathcocks’ prayer update excerpts

Greetings from Debrecen,

It has been fun to see people and to hear about what God is doing in their lives and in Debrecen. Most of this week was spent doing the daily things of home school, language, living and talking with the people that God sends to us. This is where God has called us to be faithful. It was so good to see to our neighbors I. and P.  I. helped me last year with speaking Hungarian. We have prayed for them.

We also saw Alicia who is working with the Roma and a school in a near by town. So cool to see how God is using this connection with the school to make disciples and to see the beginnings of a church. She shared about the division that still exists between the Roma and Hungarians even among Christians. This morning we were at an international church where some gypsies were sharing their testimonies and music. One person gave a testimony of paying off his debts and how God has helped him, which is huge!

We had several students come to visit us and it was encouraging to hear how they are doing and the dreams that God has placed in their hearts.

Please pray:

  • Keep praying for the young lady from Holland, that she would read the book of John and that she would respond to the truth.
  • God would continue to give us the ability to learn Hungarian, especially for Darrel as he prepares for an exam in June.
  • We would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and the opportunities that He gives us to pray and share the gospel.
  • Still working on the Internet and telephone issues, pray that they are resolved soon because we depend so much on the Internet for school and communication.
  • That I. and P. would continue to be open as we share our lives and the gospel with them.
  • God would do a supernatural work among the Hungarians and gypsies and that unbelievers would see God and put their trust in Him.

Thank you for your prayers!

One of God’s servants,
Kimberly Hathcock