Hathcocks’ prayer update excerpts

Greetings from Debrecen,

So glad to arrive safely in Debrecen with all our luggage and our dog. We have been unpacking and reorienting ourselves to the Hungarian culture. We were even able try doing school for a couple of days but it is more challenging with jetlag.

God continues to remind us that He is in charge of placing us in the right place at the right time. We had two occasions where He made this clear to us. While we were still in Bonham, at the last moment we decided to meet some friends at an “In and Out Burger” in Allen, Texas and as we entered the restaurant we saw some other missionaries who used to serve in Hungary, now in the states and they were visiting their son and family and didn’t even live in Allen. The second example was a dear friend that we met at a store in Debrecen. He said that he had not been to that store in one year and decided to pick something up and we were able to see him. I don’t believe in coincidences but am now even more convinced that God is Sovereign. On top of all this, Arianna was at chapel at DBU and one of the speakers canceled out at the last moment and he was replaced by one of the leaders of Hungarian Baptist Aid. She was so encouraged to hear Hungarian and to make that connection.

So as we have been reconnecting with our friends and people who we were blessed to invest our lives, we know that God has been growing them. We are still in this process but so far it has been fun to hear what God is doing in their lives. Being away and then returning helps us see the changes more clearly.

Please continue to pray for us:

  • God would grant us favor in the lives of Hungarians and students as we reconnect and meet new people.
  • Our girls will be able to connect quickly and make new friends.
  • Wisdom as we see God at work and the things that He wants us to be involved in.
  • God would give us the ability to learn Hungarian in such a way that He gets all the glory. We want to communicate the gospel in the best way possible.
  • Arianna would continue to be encouraged and God would heal her from some sickness that she has been experiencing.

Thank you so much for your prayers!

One of God’s servants,
Kimberly Hathcock