Hathcocks’ prayer update excerpts

Greetings from Debrecen,

We are thankful to be here in Hungary at this time working with students. Darrel’s class will start this Wednesday! If you would like to pray for one student for this first semester let me know and in the next couple of weeks when we get the final class list I will send you their name. We are excited about seeing how God will work in their lives this semester. We continue with school and we are expecting my mom and her husband to visit us. We are very excited. Darrel preached this morning at an international church and did a wonderful job challenging the students. As you have probably heard in the news that the refugee crisis continues and intensifies. There is not easy solution.

Please pray:

  • Darrel’s class on Wednesday, that God will bring the students He wants in the class. Darrel will communicate clearly and the students will feel the freedom to participate in the discussions. He will be a light and that the conversations will continue after class.
  • Wisdom and discernment for the government officials working with the refugees. Also for the best way believers can offer practical and spiritual help to the immigrants.
  • Students who came to church this morning would see themselves as missionaries where God has placed them among other students. They would be bold and ready to share their faith.
  • IMB missionaries who will have the opportunity to take an early retirement in the next few months, that God would speak to them clearly and that He would give them peace. Also for everyone else who is waiting on God, to discern what His plans are for their lives. We are all praying and asking God for what He wants us to do.
  • J. continues to come to Bible study and is still very open to God. Pray that what ever is stopping him from fully trusting in Jesus will be removed.
  • D. continues to call from his home country and will be back with his father at the end of this month. Pray that God would give him the ability to understand and believe in Jesus. Only God can do that!!!
  • While Darrel teaches at the university, the girls and I will be on campus, pray that God would give us divine appointments to share the gospel.
  • God would give us the ability to learn and speak Hungarian as we meet with teachers this week and prepare for an exam in December.
  • I need wisdom as I teach my daughters that God would direct my words so that they bring clarity where there is confusion and encouragement when they are discouraged.

Thank you so much for your prayers!

Kimberly Hathcock