Hathcocks’ prayer update excerpts

Family and Friends,

We are grateful for the time Dr. Ard and his daughter Anna spent with us in Debrecen this past week. God did give them divine appointments and some great conversations with students. God is at work in the lives of students who are coming to Bible study, and they are growing and serving. We had the opportunity to go to Darrel’s class and meet some of his students, they are so precious, please pray for them. So thankful for the conversations that we had with them and the opportunity to be a light. 

Coffee house went great with many students coming, including one of Darrel’s former students. Several people had a great discussion with him. God is using this in so many ways. So thankful for God’s creativity and how he orchestrates the events in our lives to work together for His Kingdom.

Please pray:
  • God would draw people, especially lost people, to the Intensive English classes that will start on Monday. Today people will have the opportunity to sign up as well. We are excited about how God will use this to reach people who are lost and to open the eyes of the church to how they can reach out to the lost in Debrecen.
  • The young people coming on Monday night would continue to desire to know Jesus more and more and to be a light where God has placed them in school and at work. God would give them boldness to share about Him.
  • Our focus would be on Jesus, totally. Many of our colleagues will be finalizing their decision to leave or stay with IMB this week. Pray that they would discern God’s voice in this area and that His peace will remain in their hearts in the coming days. FYI – Darrel and I were not offered the VRI because of age, so we plan on continuing with our plans for STAS in January. It is hard to say goodbye to people who have become like family to us.
  • God would continue to stir in the hearts of Darrel’s students a curiosity about Him and desire to know more about Jesus.
  • Pray for Darrel’s former student who knows a lot about his own faith but is willing to learn and talk about Christianity as well.
  • Update on the refugees in this part of the world. They are closing the refugee center in Debrecen and moving them away from the bigger cities. There are mostly men, several from Iran, who are left. Several of these men have become Christians recently. There is also talk about a big group coming through Romania but we will see what happens. This border does not have a fence as of yet. Please pray for the refugees, discernment for the government to see who really is a refugee, terrorist, or someone just taking advantage of the situation. There is no easy solution. There are several groups assisting and ministering to the refugees so pray that they will have opportunities to share their faith.
  • Jesus would be lifted up during the Saturday evening English worship this week. We are excited about being able to meet on campus.
Thank you for praying for Hungary!


Kimberly Hathcock