Hathcocks’ prayer update excerpts

Greetings from Debrecen.

We are thankful for how God is at work in the midst of this intense English course. God is using them to share His love and to plant the seeds of truth in many hearts. We are encouraged by the eagerness we see in the hearts of students to know Him. Last week Darrel talked about the role of religion in medical care, which led to so many interesting discussions. We are thankful that we know of one Christian in his class who can also share the truth. We had a great group on Thursday and it is exciting to see the students inviting their friends. Saturday worship was also good. It was such a blessing to meet in the church on campus and to have a mix of students and families.

Please pray:

  • Today the Michael Gott team, which is teaching the English course, will present the Gospel very clearly as students were asked to bring their friends and family. Pray that their hearts would receive the truth and that they would put their faith in Jesus. Pray for the team to have renewed strength to continue the second week, for many conversations about Jesus, and that many would decide to trust and follow after Him. 
  • Wisdom for the church hosting the English classes in how to respond to all that has happened over the last couple of weeks. People would respond to God’s call to disciple the new believers and that their eyes would be opened and hearts burdened to the lostness around them. 
  • We are in the midst of working with a team from the States who will be coming to cook and serve several Thanksgiving meals to students. Pray for wisdom in the planning and that God would be drawing the lost students and their families. They will hear about and see Jesus in the lives of those serving. God has provided the places to host these dinners and the turkeys have been ordered. (It is unusual for Hungarians to cook a whole turkey so we had to order them.)
  • The students who come on Monday night that are believers, that God would show them specifically who they are to disciple. We still have some unbelievers who are coming and we are praying that they will know Jesus. Wisdom for us as we teach and prepare them. 
  • I was reminded of the fact that many Hungarians struggle with depression and thoughts of suicide. Please pray that the truth and hope of Jesus would penetrate their hearts. 

Thank you so much for your prayers,

Kimberly Hathcock