Hathcocks’ prayer update excerpts

Greetings from Debrecen.

What a busy and incredible week! We are thankful for the team and the church that came to serve with us during Thanksgiving. God brought the people from our neighborhood and from Darrel’s class, and there were others who invited their lost family and friends. We are hopeful that they heard the message of salvation in words, song and actions.

I would not be able to share all the things that God did but one story in particular stuck out in my mind. One young lady from our Bible study invited her mother, grandmother, sister and family to the dinner. She said that her family was lost and at this point would not come to church. They came and stayed the whole time and enjoyed talking with people as well as hearing the message of salvation. She told me later that her grandmother’s heart had softened to the things of God. We stand in awe and thank the Lord for the seeds planted and how they will grow.

Several of Darrel’s students came, including one who spent two days cooking and talking with us. God is at work in her heart. Thank you Jesus for the work that you are doing in Hungary. It is so encouraging to see the students and their desire to know God and to share with their lost family and friends.

Please pray:

  • My heart is really burdened for the different lost people that came to the dinners. Pray that the seeds of the gospel that were planted and received by those who came would grow and bear fruit. Ask that others would come and water them and that many would give their lives to Jesus. 
  • The student who helped us cook, that God would continue to draw her to Himself. 
  • We have our language exams this coming Friday and Saturday. We have been studying diligently since the Fall; pray that God would show us how to best prepare this week and to have His peace when we are taking the exam. 
  • Transition for us continues as we make plans for the States; we are working with a couple to continue some of the ministries that we are doing and to hand them over to others. Pray that we can encourage and equip them in the best possible way, and we know that God will continue His work. 

Thank you so much for your prayers!

One of His servants,
Kimberly Hathcock