Hathcocks’ prayer update excerpts

Greetings from Debrecen.

Hope you had a blessed Christmas! We enjoyed our time with friends that have become family. This time of year we really miss our family in the states. We look back on this year and we see the hand of God and the things that he accomplished that we could have never planned for and that is exciting. God is working in the lives of students in Debrecen, and has allowed us to be a part of it, and He will continue His work after we leave for the states. I wanted to thank you all for praying for the students in Darrel’s class. God is at work in their lives, as some have talked with Darrel and several came to the Thanksgiving dinners. We only know of one Christian that was in his class and we trust that many seeds were planted.

We have officially entered a season of transition, which is hard. We will be packing and saying good bye over the next couple of weeks and that will be difficult, yet we are so excited about being in the states with our family and friends. So we really appreciate your prayers.

Please pray:

  • Our co-worker, Gary Miller, lost his mother after a battle with cancer this past week. You can pray for him and his wife, Carolyn, and their family has they grieve this loss.
  • For us as a family, that Jesus would be the center of our lives and that we would keep our eyes on Him. We would bless and encourage people as we say good bye.
  • The logistics of packing up our belongings and also preparing our dog Ella for traveling back with us.
  • G, her brother M, and J, that God would continue to draw them to Himself and that they would desire to know Him.

Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

One of God’s Servants,