Hathcocks’ prayer update excerpts

Greetings from Debrecen.

We are thankful for the strength that comes from the Lord. This week was somewhat normal with school and ministry. The wind finally blew away and the warmer weather has come. The reality of going stateside in January has hit us as there are so many things that we need to prepare. I’m thankful that God is continuing to heal me and praying for patience as I rest in His timing. Also I have been looking at ordering curriculum for next year realizing that it will be Arianna’s senior year! Where did the time go?

Please pray:

  • That we will use our time wisely as we prepare for stateside (which means packing up all our belongings, sorting, throwing and giving things away.)
  • That two young people who are coming on Monday nights would give their hearts to God. God is drawing them to Himself!
  • One of our neighbors died last weekend. We don’t think his family are believers. Pray for opportunities for them to know Jesus and the comfort that only He can bring.
  • That Darrel’s students would continue to have open hearts to spiritual things and that we would have opportunities to talk with them after class. Wisdom for Darrel as he teaches.
  • For wisdom as I select curriculum for next year for the girls.
  • That God would give us the ability to speak Hungarian, and that “I” and “P” would desire to have a personal relationship with Jesus.

Thank you~~